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Upcoming Meetings

  • June 4–5, 2009
  • December 3–4, 2009
  • June 10–11, 2010
  • December 9–10, 2010
Photo of members of ACD, including Dr. Kington and Dr. Zerhouni


In February 1965, a distinguished committee appointed by President Johnson, under the chairmanship of Dr. Dean E. Wooldridge, conducted a study of the operations of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Among the recommendations the Wooldridge Committee made to the President in its report was that a new advisory group should be established to assist the Office of the Director, NIH, in the making of major plans and policies, especially those related to the allocation of NIH funds and resources. more >

Blue Ribbon Panel to Advise on the Risk Assessment of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories at Boston University Medical Center

The NIH has established a Blue Ribbon Panel as a Working Group of the Advisory Committee to the NIH Director, chaired by Adel Mahmoud, M.D., Ph.D., of Princeton University, that will review current risk assessments and provide independent technical expertise and guidance. The panel includes experts in infectious diseases, public health and epidemiology, risk assessment, environmental justice, risk communications, biodefense, biosafety, and infectious disease modeling. Panel members will provide ongoing, expert input and may recommend scenarios to study in any necessary additional risk assessment analyses.

For more information, please see the Blue Ribbon Panel web site.


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