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The Statistics on Banking is a quarterly publication that provides detailed aggregate financial information as well as key structural data (number of institutions and branches) for all FDIC-insured institutions.

In addition to standardized reports, a user has the ability to dynamically generate customized reports for analysis. For example, reports can be created that consist of any combination of single institutions or bank holding companies, standard peer groups of institutions, and custom peer groups of institutions and bank holding companies. For further details, please refer to SDI Home above.

Select one from each of the five categories below:

Industry:  Commercial Banks    Savings Institutions    All FDIC-Insured Institutions  
Geography:  National    State  
 Asset Size
 Foreign Office Activity  Time Series
Report Date:


Assets and Liabilities
Cash and Balances Due
Loans and Leases
Deposit Liabilities
Commitments and Contingencies
Past Due and Non-accrual Assets
Total Fiduciary & Related Assets
Income and Expense  
     Charge-offs and Recoveries  
     Changes in Equity Capital  

 Structure Tables (Year-end Only for All FDIC-Insured)
Changes in Number and Classification
Changes in Number and Classification of Branches
Summary of Changes by State
Summary of Changes in Branches by State
Number of Offices by state and type of Office

Note: Running report will open a new browser window.

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