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Announcement: Wednesday, September 24, 2008
We are happy to announce the release of the MetaMap program to the public. Technology has finally allowed us to release the same binary for MetaMap that we use internally.

For more information, please visit our new MetaMap page.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007: Availability of our new Java-based API to the SKR Scheduler facility. The SKR API was created to provide users with the ability to programmatically submit jobs to the Scheduler Batch and Interactive facilities instead of using our web-based interfaces. We have tried to reproduce full functionality for all of the programs under the Scheduler umbrella. For more information, please visit our SKR API page.
Please Note: Users are responsible for compliance with the UMLS copyright restrictions.

To use this application, you must have signed the UMLS agreement. The UMLS agreement requires those who use the UMLS to file a brief report once a year to summarize their use of the UMLS. It also requires the acknowledgment that the UMLS contains copyrighted material and that those copyright restrictions be respected. The UMLS agreement requires users to agree to obtain agreements for EACH copyrighted source prior to it's use within a commercial or production application.

[ Use of all the sources is permitted if the application is used for research purposes only. ]

To access either the Interactive Mode or Batch Mode facilities, you must have access to a UMLSKS account. For more information about how we use UMLSKS authentication data, or for information on how to set up a UMLSKS account, please select the Info icon to the right: Information Mark Symbol: Help about UMLSKS accounts
PLEASE NOTE: We only update our authentication list once a day at 0200 Eastern Standard Time. If you have only recently received an UMLSKS account it may not yet be included here.

The Semantic Knowledge Representation (SKR) Project was recently initiated at NLM in order to develop programs to provide usable semantic representation of biomedical free text by building on resources currently available at the library.

Access to biomedical information depends on reliable representation of the knowledge contained in text. For significant advances to be achieved a richer representation will be required than is currently available. As an example of the type of enhanced representation we are proposing, (2) contains the semantic propositions which represent some of the information contained in the text in (1).

(1) We used hemofiltration to treat a patient with digoxin overdose that was complicated by refractory hyperkalemia.
(2) Hemofiltration-TREATS-Patients
Digoxin overdose (disorder)-OCCURS_IN-Patients
Hyperkalemia-COMPLICATES-Digoxin overdose (disorder)
Hemofiltration-TREATS(INFER)-Digoxin overdose (disorder)
Generated via "-S" option (SemRep Output) with the MetaMap program using the 2004 Knowledge Source.

Each of the propositions in (2) is a predication whose predicate (in uppercase) is a relation from the UMLS Semantic Network. Each of the arguments is a concept from the UMLS Metathesaurus. The set of propositions in (2) considered as the semantic representation of (1) is not complete; however, it represents the major relationships and concepts contained in the text.

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Last Modified: September 29, 2008 ii-public
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MetaMap Public Release
NEW: Distributable version of the actual MetaMap program.
Indexing Initiative (II)
Investigating computer-assisted and fully automatic methodologies for indexing biomedical text. Includes the NLM Medical Text Indexer (MTI).
Semantic Knowledge Representation (SKR)
Develop programs to provide usable semantic representation of biomedical text. Includes the MetaMap and SemRep programs.
MetaMap Transfer (MMTx)
Java-Based distributable version of the MetaMap program.
Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD)
Test collection of manually curated MetaMap ambiguity resolution in support of word sense disambiguation research.
Medline Baseline Repository (MBR)
Static MEDLINE Baselines for use in research involving biomedical citations. Allows for query searches and test collection creation.
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