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Purpose, Character of Use,
and Authorization
for the NIEHS Kids' Pages

The NIEHS Kids' Pages is a government (non-profit) educational website authorized by a 1997 Presidential Memorandum . It is designed to:

The NIEHS Kids' Pages include a wide variety of fun activities designed to attract children to this website where they can learn about the impact of the environment on human health, the NIEHS mission, and possible careers in health, medicine, science, mathematics, and the environment.

So why do we include a Sing-Along section?
How is that "educationally" relevant?

In support of the White House Memorandum guidelines that were issued, the Sing-Along pages are included because sing-along activities are particularly useful for motivating young children to learn to read and to improve their reading skills. Since starting the site we have received numerous letters from educators and other visitors supporting the value of sing-along materials as an educational tool; many others also indicated that the music site is particularly helpful for children and adults with special needs.

We greatly appreciate the input and ideas we have received from parents, teachers, and caretakers about how our site can help with educational initiatives. More information and tools relating to the educational purpose of music can be found at Research on the Use of Music for Educational Purposes, including links to Songs for Teachinglink to a non-NIEHS site. In addition, here are a few excerpts on this subject that were taken from our visitors' e-mail messages:

"Most of my kids are poor readers BECAUSE reading was something 'you must do because I say so' and not because it's fun. Their environment never taught them that reading is fun. That's my job. And thanks to your site, I'm able to do my job better."

"I have been NYS certified in both Special Education and Educating the Emotionally Disturbed for over twenty-five years. I have worked in reformatories for teenage boys and girls (where I am currently employed), public schools, and a NYS prison. Music is a universal language -- cross cultural, multi-ethnic, etc. Most of our troubled youth (all income brackets, all ethnic groups, racial groups, etc.) are often difficult to reach because teachers/social workers/caring adults do not have a common language with these youngsters. Music, and music lyrics, are an excellent first step in establishing communications. By using the lyrics on your site, I have been able to capture my students' interests. From there I can lead them to vocabulary improvement, poetic ideas, dealing with feelings -- in short, coping with reality, even if it is an ugly reality."

All of the materials presented on this website were collected from other online resources and are used solely for non-commercial educational purposes. No commercial gains will be generated by the contents of this website and materials herein are considered to be available to NIEHS for use solely in a non-profit manner as an educational tool for children. No harmful effect on the market is anticipated and, if anything, it is our understanding that organizations or entities represented by these materials might inadvertently be helped by their inclusion on this site. If you have any concerns with our use of any of these materials, please let us know so that we can rectify the situation. (Also see the Music Disclaimers, the Fair Use Disclaimer , and the main Disclaimers website. )

White House Press Release of April 18, 1997 (presented below), authorizes the development of this website.


White House Press Release

Office of the Press Secretary

April 18,1997

Subject: Expanding Access to Internet-based Educational Resources for Children, Teachers, and Parents

My number one priority for the next 4 years is to make sure that all Americans have the best education in the world.

One of the goals of my Call to Action for American Education is to bring the power of the Information Age into all of our schools. This will require connecting every classroom and library to the Internet by the year 2000; making sure that every child has access to modern, multimedia computers; giving teachers the training they need to be as comfortable with the computer as they are with the chalkboard; and increasing the availability of high-quality educational content. When America meets the challenge of making every child technologically literate, children in rural towns, the suburbs, and inner city schools will have the same access to the same universe of knowledge.

I believe that Federal agencies can make a significant contribution to expanding this universe of knowledge. Some agencies have already launched a number of exciting projects in this area. The White House has a special "White House for Kids" home page with information on the history of the White House. NASA's K-12 initiative allows students to interact with astronauts and to share in the excitement of scientific pursuits such as the exploration of Mars and Jupiter and with experiments conducted on the Space Shuttle. The AskERIC service (Education Resources Information Center), supported by the Department of Education, has a virtual library of more than 900 lesson plans for K-12 teachers, and provides answers to questions from educators within 48 hours -- using a nationwide network of experts and databases of the latest research. Students participating in the Vice President's GLOBE project (Global Learning and Observation for a Better Environment) collect actual atmospheric, aquatic, and biological data and use the Internet to share, analyze, and discuss the data with scientists and students all over the world. With support from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense's CAETI program (Computer-Aided Education and Training Initiative), the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory has developed a program that allows high school students to request and download their own observations of the universe from professional telescopes.

We can and should do more, however. Over the next 3 months, you should determine what resources you can make available that would enrich the Internet as a tool for teaching and learning, and produce and make available a new or expanded version of your service within 6 months.

You should use the following guidelines to support this initiative:

I am also directing the Department of Education to develop a "Parents Guide to the Internet," that will explain the educational benefits of this exciting resource, as well as steps that parents can take to minimize the risks associated with the Internet, such as access to material that is inappropriate for children.

The Department of Education will also be responsible for chairing an interagency working group to coordinate this initiative to ensure that the agency-created material is of high quality, is easily accessible, and promotes awareness of Internet-based educational resources among teachers, parents, and students.

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