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Everything in your environment
may have some impact on your health.

Yes, that even includes music -- music is an important part of our "environment".   Although NIEHS does not study the effects of music on the body, other scientists have studied its impact on physical and mental functions for many years. Most notably, music can measurably reduce stress and pain levels. For example, research supported by the National Institute of Nursing Research recently found that listening to music reduced patients' pain levels following major abdominal surgery. And Micheal Holton, a 1st Place winner in the Biological Sciences category of an NIEHS sponsored Science Fair also determined that the tempo of music can affect your heart rate. But there is another reason that NIEHS includes this sing-along section for its visitors -- sing along activities are very educational. Please learn more about the educational purpose of the NIEHS Kids' Pages and visit other Research Resources on the Educational Benefits of Music to see how music may help you build a healthier life and brighter future.

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Music Assistance
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Music Assistance

Limitations on Downloads and Other AssistanceSurprised to see sing-along songs here?
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Privacy, Accessibility, Links, and Other Disclaimers

Limitations on Downloads and Other Assistance

NIEHS is a Federal government agency, not a music resource. The music and many other materials appearing on our site were not created by NIEHS and should be presumed to be copyrighted.

Therefore, NIEHS CANNOT provide any advice or assistance relative to:

  • approving the copy or distribution of these materials in any form.
  • approving any other uses of the music located on this site
  • locating copyright holders or copyright information;
  • locating commercial sources for purchases of any type;
  • locating or furnishing midi files or sheet music
  • providing downloading instructions.

We are unable to assist with the above types of requests because our authority and expertise does not extend to those areas. The simple midis presented herein are only presented to provide the general "tune" for each song for educational use, and are not intended to serve as substitutes for the actual recordings. If you need the music for other purposes, or if you would like to hear the music at its best or in its original form, you would need to obtain the recordings or sheet music from authorized commercial sources. NIEHS cannot recommend such sources or assist in those efforts or with copyright inquiries. Copyright inquiries should be directed to the United States Copyright Office, Records Search website. Please also review the additional music copyright information presented below.

Educational Purpose: The NIEHS Kids' Pages are designed to:

  • provide safe and fun activities that help teach children to read while also introducing them to information on science, health, and environmental topics;
  • educate children, parents, teachers, and others about the environment's impact on our health and well being, and
  • encourage careers in science, health, and the environment.
If you need assistance with this site, or desire removal of, correction of, or credit for anything presented on these pages, please let us know and we will immediately take care of it for you. Copyrighted materials that appear on this website were considered to be available to NIEHS for use solely in a non-profit manner and as an educational tool for children under the provisions of the Standards for Fair Use established in Rose-Acuff Music v. Campbell; but if you feel that use is not appropriate, please so that we can quickly correct the problem. E-mails and telephone calls (919) 541-3345 are welcomed and will result in prompt prompt responses; but if you prefer, postal correspondence should be sent to: NIEHS Kids' Pages, Office of Management, PO Box 12233, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709, or street address: Nottingham Hall, Room 270, 4505 Emperor Boulevard Research Triangle Park, NC 27703. The educational, non-commercial purpose of our site is described in more detail below.

NIEHS is a federal government facility involved in environmental health research. The NIEHS Kids' Pages website is intended solely as an educational resource, and no commercial gains or losses are expected to be generated by its contents. The sing-along pages include midi files and lyrics because they can be valuable for teaching younger children to read, and they serve to introduce children to a wide range of music resources. Since we strictly conserve our funds for health research, we have assembled our children's website using materials and activities obtained from other online sources. Therefore, the songs, games, riddles, jokes, and graphics displayed on this site are NOT in the public domain, which means that the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences cannot grant permission for the copy or other use of any of the materials presented on these pages, and we cannot provide assistance to you in that regard. You would have to obtain permission directly from the creators or copyright holders.

Music Not Playing?

The music pages have been tested with Netscape, Explorer, and Firefox browsers and are in proper working order. In addition, we use a standard embedding format that should work effectively with both Netscape and Microsoft Explorer Browsers and generic plug-ins. Therefore, if you cannot hear the music playing in the background of the lyrics pages, the problem may be at your desktop.
  • First, do the basics -- check the volume control on your computer or your external speakers to be sure you have volume turned on or up high enough.

  • Adequate Memory: If you can usually hear the music playing in the background, but for some reason it has stopped working, then perhaps you have exhausted the memory required for a fairly large midi file; so try rebooting (re-starting) your computer to see if that corrects the problem.

  • Appropriate Plug-ins: We use standard MIDI files (.mid) for background music, unless otherwise specified. Before selecting a song, be sure your browser is equipped with the proper "plug-in's" in order to enjoy them all. However, our format does not specifically require the "Quicktime" to operate. The music on our site should also play with the standard midi plug-ins that are typically downloaded as part of your browswer package. But if you are unsure whether or not you have an appropriate plugin, you can always reload or upgrade your browser software (such as Netscape or Microsoft Explorer), and then reboot your computer and try the music pages again. Or you could elect to download the free Quick Timenon-NIEHS site plug in for this purpose.

  • Even if you have installed the proper plugin in the past, it is possible that some other software program may have inadvertently been added to your system that is now causing a conflict with the original plugin. If that is the problem, it can usually be resolved by reloading your browser software; if that doesn't work, then reload the free Quick Timenon-NIEHS siteplug in.

  • If you can hear the music, but cannot see the "radio" player to turn it off or adjust the volume, this may be because your system's memory or browser cache has reached its capacity. Try rebooting and then going directly to the music site to see if that corrects the problem.

  • If you have tried all of the above suggestions and still can't hear the music, you need to check out your system for other possible problems.

Why Do We Offer the Sing-Alongs?

Music is an important part of our "environment" and it can affect your health, but NIEHS has primarily included this sing-along section for educational purposes.

Appropriate Songs

NIEHS has limited space and does not plan to include additional requests unless room becomes available and the song requested:
  • is appropriate for small children;
  • has a children's theme and/or an educational message;
  • is upbeat, inspirational, or motivational;
  • relates to the environment, health, science, or other educational subjects.
  • is familiar to various age groups and easy to sing.
  • is widely available elsewhere on the internet in both midi and lyrics formats.

Links Disclaimer and Caution

When you encounter this image link to a non-NIEHS site or the words "Non-NIEHS Link", it means that by following that link you will be leaving the NIEHS website. NIEHS is NOT responsible for non-NIEHS websites. Sites maintained by outside organizations may be changed without notice to NIEHS. Therefore, unless the link is to another U.S. government sponsored webpage, endorsement by NIEHS is not implied, and NIEHS does not guarantee their continuing safe content or privacy policies. So please ask your parent or guardian before continuing to any non-NIEHS website, and especially before providing any information via the internet or by e-mail. When last reviewed, the websites linked from the NIEHS Kids' Pages seemed suitable for you to visit, but that may have changed; if you have any difficulties or concerns with any linked materials, please let us know.