Library of
Congress Geography and Maps: An Illustrated

Table of Contents

Ralph E. Ehrenberg
Chief, Geography and Map Division

Special Collections
General Collections
Globes and Terrain Models
Aerial Photographs and Remote Sensing Images
Digital Data and Geographic Information Systems
List of Special Collections

Concordance of Images (Includes information on how to order copies of the images)

How to order print copies of this guide

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This publication was made possible by generous support from the James Madison Council, a national, private-sector advisory council dedicated to helping the Library of Congress share its unique resources with the nation and the world.

From the Geography and Map Division, Ralph E. Ehrenberg, Gary L. Fitzpatrick, James A. Flatness, Ronald E. Grim, and Richard W. Stephenson, with the assistance of Michael Buscher, Kathryn Engstrom, Charlotte Houtz, Robert Locke, Robert Morris, Edward Redmond, and Patricia Van Ee. From the Publishing Office, Iris Newsom. From Archetype Press, Inc. of Washington, D.C., Robert Wiser.

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