At the inception of the CARRA program in 2001, a joint advocate/NCI staff evaluation planning group - after thoughtful consideration of many factors - developed a series of formal ways to capture long-term CARRA program evaluation data. Key among these were Post-Activity Questionnaires, which are completed by both CARRA members and Institute staff members following each NCI-CARRA activity. In addition, a CARRA Attitudes Survey was implemented at the beginning of the program in 2001 and again in 2006, also with versions for both CARRA members and NCI staff members.

The CARRA program has evolved over the first years of its operation, in some ways the evaluation planners could foresee and in other positive but unanticipated ways. Therefore, CARRA program staff is also exploring additional methods and resources for program evaluation.

One built-in evaluation element is the structure of the CARRA program itself:

  • CARRA members only participate in activities at the request of NCI staff members.
  • If CARRA member participation was not providing a value-added benefit to NCI staff and their work projects, Institute staff would not continue to be submitting CARRA Requests.

CARRA Post-Activity Questionnaires

  • CARRA Member Post-Activity Questionnaire
  • NCI Staff Member Post-Activity Questionnaire

CARRA Attitudes Survey

  • CARRA Member Attitudes Survey
  • NCI Staff Member Attitudes Survey