The CARRA Program is pleased to share information about training advocates to participate in peer review.

Several materials are available on the CARRA web site, including a Training Overview , Training Resources , and Training Evaluation. This information is not copyrighted, and can be downloaded and printed.

The CARRA Program requests a source citation for its materials.  When CARRA training materials are adapted or used, please note the source as below:

                 Peer Review Training Workshop materials from the Consumer Advocates in Research
                 and Related Activities (CARRA) Program, National Cancer Institute, NIH, DHHS.

Because the basic elements of peer review for biomedical research projects are quite similar, much of the material from CARRA's training program can be easily adapted to other disease areas and settings. Where funding mechanisms and procedures differ, they can be specified separately.

CARRA's peer review training is a 2-1/2 day experience. Some groups have inquired about shortening the length of the training to 1-1/2 or 2 days. What is most important is confirming that the degree of training participants receive is going to sufficiently prepare them for their roles in peer review meetings at their institution.

Interest in using CARRA's Peer Review Training Workshop as a model has come from both other Institutes at NIH and from non-profit organizations. For questions about using or adapting CARRA's peer review training model, please contact Elizabeth Neilson (301-451-3321) at