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Colorectal Cancer - Step 4: Ask Your Doctor About Colorectal Cancer Risk
You and your doctor need to work as a team to reduce your cancer risk. Here are some tips to help you talk with your doctor about risk.
  • Know your risk factors and take your risk factor list with you to the doctor's office.
  • Prepare your list of questions before your visit (see below).
  • Know what behaviors you are willing to change.
  • Take one step at a time-be realistic about what you can do.
  • Add your concerns to the doctor's intake form if they are not listed.
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Read the Doctor's Comments

Questions For Your Doctor
Click on the questions below that you would like to ask your doctor. Take your list when you visit your doctor.

Do you think I should be worried about colorectal cancer?
What puts me at risk for colorectal cancer?
No one in my family has had colon or rectal cancer. Does that mean I won't get it?
Here is my family history. Do I need genetic counseling?
Should I get screening tests for colorectal cancer?
What screening tests do you recommend?
When should I start getting screening tests?
How often should I be screened?
Should I change my diet to reduce my risk for colorectal cancer?
Are there any other things I can do to reduce my risk for colorectal cancer?

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