Members of the NCI Consumer Advocates in Research and Related Activities (CARRA) program have a two-way communication responsibility:
  • CARRA members provide input to the National Cancer Institute as they participate in cancer research and research-related activities. That participation is generated from NCI staff requests for advocate involvement, sent to the CARRA program staff in the Office of Advocacy Relations.

  • NCI disseminates information to CARRA members on a regular basis, which the members then disseminate to their own networks. Some of the communications NCI provides include:

    • NCI Nealon Digest (bi-weekly e-news) of cancer research developments, materials, and events
    • Weekly NCI Cancer Bulletin emails
    • Announcements about cancer events, webcasts, or other opportunities related to cancer research (especially when the timing precludes receiving enough notice in the bi-weekly e-news schedule)
    • CARRA quarterly update teleconferences (CARRA program updates to its members)