The National Cancer Institute's CARRA program is pleased to share a range of resources with others who are interested in learning more about cancer research and roles for advocates in research and related activities. Because resources will be added and updated, you may want to check back to this site regularly. If you have questions about any items on this site, please Contact Us.

Resources for Advocates
The Office of Advocacy Relations has created a list of Web site resources to expedite your search for information about the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, various cancer topics, clinical trials, the grants process, epidemiology & statistics, and drug development.

Peer Review Training Resources
More than half of all CARRA requests are for advocate involvement in the peer review of research grant proposals. Consequently, the CARRA program has developed a Peer Review Training Workshop to prepare its members to effectively participate in the peer review process.

CARRA: A Model for Research Advocacy
NCI's Consumer Advocates in Research and Related Activities program is pleased to be collaborating with other programs at the National Institutes of Health and with other agencies and organizations, to build constructive, value-added models of research advocacy involvement in the biomedical research process. If you have questions about the CARRA Model or CARRA's collaboration with others, please contact Elizabeth Neilson, CARRA Program Manager, at or 301-451-3321.

Public Input to Research: Other Programs
As CARRA serves the National Cancer Institute and relates to other programs at the National Institutes of Health, it is also important to recognize the context of important work being done by program staffs both inside and outside the Government, dedicated to increase the value-added contributions of public input to research .