Members of the Consumer Advocates in Research and Related Activities (CARRA) program share a connection to cancer (usually as a cancer survivor or caretaker of a relative with cancer), skills and experience in communicating a collective viewpoint of those affected by cancer, an ongoing level of activity within a cancer advocacy organization, and a dedication to making a contribution to cancer research. Beyond those commonalities, CARRA members comprise a broad and diverse population:

Current CARRA Members

  1. Number of current, active CARRA members = 145
  2. Gender: 68% are female, 32% are male
  3. Race/Ethnicity: 75% are White/Not Hispanic or Latino, 7% are Hispanic or Latino, 12.5% are African-American, 2% are Asian/Pacific Islander, 1.5% are American Indian or Alaska Native, 2% Unknown
  4. Geographic Location
    • 53% Not Rural, 47% Rural
    • 9% New England, 14% Middle Atlantic, 21% South Atlantic, 4% East South Central, 5% West South Central, 14% East North Central, 6% West North Central, 7% Mountain, 20% Pacific

Census Regions and Divisions of the United States

CARRA Representation

  1. 74% of CARRA members represent adult cancers, 26% represent pediatric cancers
  2. The CARRA membership represents the following disease types:

    Bladder Cancer
    Brain Tumor
    Breast Cancer
    Cervical Cancer
    Colorectal Cancer
    Endocrine Cancer
    Head and Neck Cancers
    Hodgkin's Disease/Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    Kidney Cancer
    Liver Cancer
    Lung Cancer
    Multiple Myeloma
    Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    Ovarian Cancer
    Pancreatic Cancer
    Prostate Cancer
    Reproductive Cancers (Other)
    Stomach/Esophageal Cancer
    Testicular Cancer
    Thyroid Cancer
    Uterine Cancer