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Please fill out the form below to provide us the necessary information to help you find a CARRA member to meet your needs. You will receive a response in approximately 3 business days.

If you have any questions about filling out this form, please contact CARRA at or (301) 594-3194. Thank you.

Your Contact Information

Your Name:

Your Email:



(Example: 5-1212 or 301-555-1212)


(Example: 5-1212 or 301-555-1212)


(Example: DCCPS, Office of Tobacco Use)

Activity Description

Please specify how many actual CARRA member names you will need to participate in your activity.
CARRA recommends that you include 1 advocate for every 10 non-advocates participating.

*Remember that CARRA program staff will provide you with several CARRA member names for each advocate actually needed.

Please give a brief description of your activity that includes the following:

  • Title of your Activity

  • Date(s)

  • Location (is travel required?)*
    * Please remember that travel must be paid for by the requesting department.

  • A general description of CARRA members duties

  • Overall time commitment for a CARRA member

  • Other types of people participating in the activity/meeting (i.e. scientists, researchers, physicians, other government employees, media, etc.)

  • Resources you can provide to support CARRA members (i.e. background materials, travel expenses, etc.)

What are you looking for in a CARRA member?

All CARRA members are either a(n):

  • Cancer survivor

  • First-degree family member or life partner

  • Individual with more than 3 years of substantial, demonstrated involvement in cancer-related activities

In addition, all CARRA members have met the following requirements:

  • Interest in learning about cancer, familiarity with cancer and science-related issues, or formal training in these areas

  • Membership in a cancer-related group or organization

  • Leadership qualities

  • Writing skills and ability to make oral presentations

  • Ability to work as both a team player and a self-starter

  • Ability to represent the perspective of a group

  • Ability to evaluate and understand cancer issues beyond their own cancer experience

  • Interest in extending their personal knowledge about cancer and cancer issues

  • Ability to speak, read, write, and understand English

Please describe any additional skills or experience that you would like a CARRA member to have for your activity. Examples include the following:

  • Race, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, or other demographic characteristics

  • Cancer site-specific experience

We will make every effort to find an advocate that best suits your needs.

Are there any conflicts of interest?

Please list any potential conflicts of interest.