CARRA Training Overview
CARRA members receive both formal and informal training to help prepare them for participation in science and communications activities.

CARRA Training Resources
A list of helpful Web site resources is provided to help CARRA members better understand the cancer research continuum and the current scope of cancer research. The CARRA program has also designed orientation materials for new members, and developed a workshop to prepare advocates to effectively participate in the peer review process.

CARRA Training Evaluation
All CARRA peer review training workshops are evaluated to measure participants' changes in knowledge, to identify lessons learned, and to refine the training curriculum for subsequent workshops. This section provides the workshop's comprehensive evaluation report.

Adapting CARRA Training to Other Settings
There are many similarities between the roles of CARRA members in NCI activities and the roles of consumer advocates (also called public members or patient representatives) in other biomedical research arenas. Components of CARRA training can be adapted for those uses.