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Prostate Cancer — Step 5: Find More Information email this page to a friendemail this page
Use this step to check out additional information on prostate cancer. It is important to know that there is still much to be learned. Some aspects of prostate cancer are still controversial. Researchers are conducting clinical trials to find more definitive answers.
NCI Web Site Topic Page for Prostate Cancer
Cancer Topics: Prostate Cancer
Main page for prostate cancer on the NCI Web site.

What You Need To Know About Prostate Cancer
Detection, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of colorectal cancer.

NIH Senior Health: Prostate Cancer
Web site that features authoritative and up-to-date information in a format tailored to older adults.

Understanding Prostate Changes: A Health Guide for Men
Covers the spectrum of prostate conditions (both noncancerous and cancerous) that occur with age. Provides information about symptoms, treatment options, and types of tests that detect these conditions.

Prevention, Genetics, Causes
Information related to prevention, genetics, and risk factors for prostate cancer, including two major clinical trials and genetic counseling information.

Prostate Cancer (PDQ®): Prevention
[ patient ] [ health professional ]
Expert-reviewed information summary about factors that may influence the risk of developing prostate cancer and about research aimed at the prevention of this disease.

Genetics of Prostate Cancer (PDQ®)
Discusses family history of prostate cancer and the inheritance of prostate cancer risk.

Search: Cancer Genetics Services Directory
Database of professionals who provide services related to cancer genetics.

Screening and Testing
Information about methods of cancer detection, including new imaging technologies, tumor markers, and biopsy procedures.

Prostate Cancer (PDQ®): Screening
[ patient ] [ health professional ]
Expert-reviewed information summary about tests used to detect or screen for prostate cancer.

Early Prostate Cancer: Questions and Answers
A fact sheet that describes risk factors for prostate cancer, and symptoms and treatment options for localized disease. Discusses available screening tests.

The Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test: Questions and Answers
A fact sheet that defines PSA and screening tests for prostate cancer and describes the benefits and limitations of the test.

Report from Large NCI Study Suggests PSA Testing Could Be Done at Longer Intervals for Men Who Choose To Test
Many men who choose to get a prostate-specific antigen test may not need to repeat the test as frequently as previously thought, according to data from the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian trial.

Some Men with Low PSAs Have Prostate Cancer
Article released from the NCI Press Office, 5/26/2004.

Various treatment options available to men with prostate cancer.

Clinical Trials
Prostate Cancer Trial Results
Summaries of newsworthy clinical trial results.

Search for Clinical Trials

Search tool for clinical trials that are open to participants by type of cancer, stage/subtype of cancer, type of trial, and location of trial.

What You Need To Know About Prostate Cancer: The Promise Of Cancer Research
Research being conducted on prevention, screening, and treatment of prostate cancer.

Cancer Research Portfolio

Search for research projects currently under way, by type of research, type of cancer, and participating institutions.

Prostate Cancer Trends, 1973-1995
A comprehensive population-based evaluation on the demographic and clinical features of prostate cancer cases.

Other Resources
Staying Healthy
Behaviors you can change to live a healthier lifestyle.

Get More Information From the National Cancer Institute
How to get additional information from the National Cancer Institute.

Your Disease Risk: Cancer
An interactive tool from the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention that estimates your risk of cancer and provides tips for prevention.

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