The Consumer Advocates In Research and Related Activities (CARRA) program is a service to the National Cancer Institute staff and to the cancer advocacy community. 

The best way for NCI staff to learn about how to educate, include, and consider those directly affected by cancer is to communicate with CARRA members.  CARRA members have real world experiences with cancer and represent those who are affected, without any other agenda.

CARRA members participate in specific NCI research and related activities as a result of specific CARRA Requests from the NCI staff members working on those projects. It is the joint responsibility of CARRA members and the CARRA program staff, with feedback from NCI staff, to pursue training, seek out information, and actively communicate, to ensure that CARRA member participation truly results in value-added contributions to NCI activities.

Benefits to Institute / Research / Advocates
This section describes, in more detail, the benefits of involving CARRA members in NCI activities.

CARRA Stories
Both CARRA members and NCI staff share individual stories about their CARRA program experiences.

CARRA Evaluation & Feedback
The CARRA program uses several tools to help evaluate the program and pursue ongoing improvement.