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If you have any questions about the items in this section of the CARRA web site, please contact CARRA staff. Also, please note that the content of these pages will be growing and changing, so CARRA staff invites you to check back regularly
Resources, Features & Announcements
The Office of Advocacy Relations has created a list of Web site resources to assist consumer advocates in better understanding the current scope and context of cancer research. In addition, the CARRA program is pleased to offer training materials and program information about the direct participation of advocates in research and related activities.

All CARRA program materials are in the public domain, can be reproduced without express permission, and can be models for adapted versions in other organizations. We request appropriate acknowledgements.

We encourage you to build on CARRA resources, and let us know about ways they have been useful or adaptable for you.
This section highlights one or more aspects of the CARRA program, described more fully on other pages of our web site.
Information about items of especially timely importance are in this section, including: NCI teleconferences, videoconferences, the launch CARRA's next application and selection process, and related topics.