The following information is provided for Institute staff members who involve CARRA members in their work. If you have any additional questions or would like clarification or other assistance, please contact us at, or 301-451-3321, so we can give you individual attention and help meet your needs.
  • Getting Started
    Information about how to introduce and orient CARRA members to your activity

  • Maintaining Success
    Advice and tips about maintaining a successful working relationship with the CARRA member(s) you have selected to participate in your activity

  • Assistance to Achieve an Effective Process
    Several resources are available to assist you when including CARRA members in your work

We want to build on these information links, to most accurately reflect the experiences of Institute staff members in involving CARRA members in their work. If you have requested and involved CARRA members in your past activities and have any feedback or additions to the information on the pages linked above, please send us your Comments or Suggestions.