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The Consumer Advocates in Research and Related Activities (CARRA) program began in 2001 and stands as a model for consumer involvement in research activities.  This website serves as a resource for CARRA members, researchers and administrators, and the public. Please contact us with any additional questions.
What is CARRA, and Who are CARRA Members
This overview section describes the program goals, membership profile, examples of CARRA as a model for the present and future, and a look back at CARRA history. The CARRA Fact Sheet is available here as both a web page and PDF document.
CARRA Program Components
CARRA members participate in Institute activities at the request of staff members. The CARRA Request mechanism is described here, in addition to training information and resources. Communication and feedback are essential components included as well.
Benefits of Using CARRA
Both the CARRA program and its members provide value-added contributions to the Institute's research and communication activities. This section describes those contributions in several ways.
CARRA Member Application & Selection
The National Cancer Institute has recruited members in 2001 and 2004 so far. The next recruitment will be announced well in advance and will be promoted through a large number of advocacy and related channels. Check here for current outlines, announcement sources, and future updates.