The Consumer Advocates in Research and Related Activities (CARRA) program was established in 2001. Before 2001, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) had already been involving advocates in several Institute projects.  The CARRA program brought several advantages.

CARRA is a systematic program for enabling and expanding advocate involvement and provides a central resource to:

  • Recruit the most qualified, effective advocates
  • Match those qualified advocates to the specific requirements of the Institute staff member(s) leading the activity, and make recommendations with accompanying skills and experience information
  • Provide training in a range of formats
  • Track contact information, additional skills or experience gains, and any changes in active or inactive status, so those factors are up-to-date
  • Identify opportunities for value-added contributions from advocate involvement

Components of the CARRA program, as well as a timeline of its history, are linked below.

CARRA Requests

CARRA Training

Two-Way CARRA Member Communication

CARRA Evaluation and Feedback

CARRA History and Guiding Principles