CARRA membership involves responsibilities in the arena of ethics and legalities, stemming both from the CARRA Program itself and from standards followed at NCI and in the scientific community participating with Institute staff. These include:

Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest, Lobbying

As full participants in NCI's peer review process for clinical and translational research, CARRA members adhere to the same high standards for confidentiality, conflict of interest, and lobbying requirements as other peer review panel members. CARRA members are also responsible for following these guidelines to the extent that they are applicable to other NCI activities, as informed by their NCI staff activity contact. This section outlines the rules for confidentiality, conflict of interest, and lobbying.

Appropriate and Limited Use of Identification as a CARRA Member

One of the cornerstones of the CARRA program is the principle that CARRA members represent the perspective of those whose lives are affected by cancer, as they participate in NCI activities at the request of NCI staff members. CARRA members do not represent the CARRA program or NCI, and cannot use their affiliation with the CARRA program to directly or indirectly imply that representation. This section explains the policy in more detail.