NCI staff can request CARRA member participation online, by email, or by calling the CARRA program directly.
  • Complete the Online CARRA Request Form
  • Email the CARRA Program
    When emailing your request for CARRA member participation, please include the following information:
    • Your name, e-mail address, phone number, IC and Division
    • Title of your Activity
    • Date(s)
    • Location (is travel required?)*
      * Please remember that travel must be paid for by the requesting department.
    • A general description of CARRA members duties
    • Skills and experience you would like the CARRA member to have
    • Potential conflicts of interest that would disqualify a CARRA member from participating
  • Telephone the CARRA Program
    Please contact Elizabeth Neilson, CARRA Program Manager, at (301) 451-3321.

Matching CARRA Members to Activities

CARRA program staff matches CARRA members as potential participants for your activity based on a combination of:

  • CARRA Member Information, which CARRA members supply to the CARRA Program
  • Activity Requirements, which you include with your CARRA request

CARRA program staff generates a list of recommended CARRA members who meet your activity requirements. This list includes the actual number of CARRA members needed plus several alternates.