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Today's Headlines: January 31, 2009


Clinical Trials Update: Jan. 30, 2009 – 1/30/2009

Kids Who Spend More Time Outdoors Have Better Vision – 1/30/2009

Study finds youngsters who are parked indoors more likely to develop myopia.

Those Who Feel Rejected Direct Hostility Toward Others – 1/30/2009

Social exclusion linked to aggression found in school shootings, other tragedies.

Using C-Section Scars to Predict Future Deliveries – 1/30/2009

Measurements can indicate whether vaginal birth would be safe, study says.

Tracking Down a Salmonella Outbreak – 1/30/2009

CDC report details how health officials first spotted, chased down source and spread of tainted peanut product.

Variations in Gene DNA Boost Drinkers' Cancer Risk – 1/30/2009

Changes to 2 alcohol-metabolizing enzymes are responsible, study says.

Medical Needs of 6.2 Million U.S. Kids Go Unmet – 1/30/2009

Study says initiatives should target both coverage and access to health care.

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