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Centers Benchmark Data

This section provides compiled reports derived from the annual information submitted by each Cancer Center.
Data from Centers
Unless otherwise noted, these pages contain data that were submitted in Fiscal Year 2007. Annual project periods differ from center to center, therefore the exact 12-month timeframe for reporting may vary as well.

If you have questions about these reports, send an email to our data administrator.

Summary 1

Information on the number of Research Programs, Program sizes, and Center Membership. For detailed lists of Research Programs, Shared Resources and their leaders, go to the main Cancer Centers page.

Summary 2

This table shows the reported funding from NCI and other NIH institutes.

Summary 3

Patient data are compiled to provide a range (high/low) and the median for both the number of new patients seen and newly enrolled on therapeutic protocols. Also included is information about the top 20 cancer disease sites reported in NCI Centers.

Summary 4

Patient accrual to clinical research protocols is summarized by Sponsor and Trial Type.

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