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"In my time as director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), I've come to more fully appreciate the complexity, robustness, and diversity of this collective, especially with regard to the advocacy community and its remarkable success in advancing cancer research."
Former NCI Director Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach
OLA Programs
OAR administers several programs to bring the voices of those affected by cancer into NCI activities and programs.
Advocacy Relations Outreach
OAR acts as a portal for cancer-related advocacy groups, helping to navigate the NCI and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to gain information and achieve organizational goals.  OAR identifies opportunities for organizational collaboration and advocate involvement.  OAR also addresses advocate resource and training needs, in addition to building and maintaining relationships.
Consumer Advocates in Research and Related Activities
CARRA Logo The CARRA Program includes almost 200 cancer survivors and others affected by cancer who represent a broad consumer/patient perspective in a wide range of NCI programs. CARRA members participate in the peer review of all clinical and translational research applications. They also participate in bioinformatics initiatives, education projects, Web site development, and other NCI activities.
NCI Director's Consumer Liaison Group
DCLG Logo The NCI Director's Consumer Liaison Group is a Federal Advisory Committee of 16 consumer advocates who advise the NCI Director from the viewpoint of the cancer patient.