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Q:   What are the submission deadlines for P30 CCSGs?
A:   January 25, May 25, September 25
Q:   When do the revised Cancer Center Support Grant Guidelines (CCSG), dated September 2004, become effective?
A:   The revised CCSG guidelines must be used for applicants who apply for the February 1, 2005 submission date.
Q:   Do all P30 CCSG applications receive a site visit?
A:   Generally all CCSG applications (P30s) receive a site visit. Amended applications and supplement applications are reviewed by a variety of different methods depending on the nature and extensiveness of the application.
Q:   What qualifies an institution to be an "NCI-designated Cancer Center?"
A:   The institution must have a P30 Cancer Center Support Grant award to be recognized as an NCI-designated Cancer Center. The guidelines for Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSGs) provide detailed information about the criteria used in peer review to evaluate the merit of CCSG applications. Applications are considered for funding on the basis of merit.
Q:   What qualifies an institution to be recognized as an "NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center?"
A:   In addition to a P30 Cancer Center Support Grant award, the institution must meet specific criteria for 1) breadth and depth of research in basic research; clinical research; and prevention, control, and population/behavioral sciences and 2) strength of the interactions among the three major areas. In addition, the Cancer Center's activities in public information, education, and outreach are also considered. The NCI Executive Committee makes the final decision for comprehensive status.
Q:   Are cancer centers required to submit Standard Cancer Center Informations Summaries electronically?
A:   Yes. Cancer centers or prospective cancer centers should electronically submit the Standard Cancer Center Information Summaries each year, in addition to the hard copy submitted with the application. Summaries should be e-mailed as an attachment to ( and should be in one of the following applications: Access, or Excel. If there are questions about electronic submission of the Standard Cancer Center Information Summaries contact the Cancer Centers Branch at 301/496-8531.
Q:   How does a cancer center apply for comprehensive status?
A:   The determination of whether a cancer center will be designated as comprehensive by the NCI is a two-step process. The guidelines for comprehensiveness can be found in the CCSG guidelines.
Q:   How can copies of the Application for a Public Health Service Grant (PHS 398) or Progress Report for a Public Health Service Grant (PHS 2590) be obtained?
A:   Copies of PHS 398 and PHS 2590 can be obtained on the NIH web site at the following addresses: PHS 398 {} PHS 2590 {}