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Benefits for Patients and Participating Institutions

For Patients – The community cancer centers that are part of the NCCCP pilot already provide comprehensive cancer screening and prevention services, and medical, surgical, and radiation oncology services for patients with cancer. Through the pilot program, patients can expect to have their care coordinated through a multidisciplinary planning group, receive assistance from “patient navigators”, and have more opportunities to join clinical trials for cancer prevention and treatment. Special focus will be placed on the psychosocial needs of patients and on enhancing services for cancer survivors.

For Pilot Institutions – Strengthening clinical research expertise is expected to enhance the quality of care offered at the NCCCP pilot sites. In addition, the pilot institutions will gain stronger links to NCI-designated Cancer Centers, enhanced genetic and molecular testing capabilities, staff training in cancer management, and outreach support to develop closer ties to underserved populations in their communities.

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