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Program Announcements


The Sallie Rosen Kaplan Fellowship for Women in Basic, Clinical, Epidemiological, or Prevention Science


Reminder for “Avon–NCI Progress for Patients” Applications


Supplements for caBIG™ Technology Assessment and Implementation Planning in NCI-designated Cancer Centers


Clarification on Avon Progress for Patients Applications


Avon–NCI 2007 Progress for Patients Supplemental Awards


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Policy & Guidelines Clarifications


Clinical Translational Science Awards (CTSA)
Overall Budget Recommendation
Overall Quality of the Science
Support for Staff Investigators
Protocol Specific Research Support
Q&A:Protocol Specific Research Support
Issues Related to Consortia
Minority & Gender Representation
Protocol Review and Monitoring System
Data Safety and Monitoring Review
Sharing of Model Organisms (NIH 2004)
Sharing Research Data (NIH 2003)





2008 Interim CCSG Guidelines

Summary of 2008 Modifications



Summary Information

Peer Review Organizations

Data Safety Monitoring




The Comprehensive Designation
Comprehensiveness Review Criteria
Comprehensiveness 2nd Stage Review
Clarification of 2nd Stage 12/15/08



Data Safety & Monitoring Plans


DSMP Samples


Stanford University Cancer Center (2008)



DSMP Review


NCI Review Criteria for Institutional DSM Plans




Cancer Center Directors Working Group Report: Accelerating Successes Against Cancer

Survivorship Activities at Cancer Centers

P30/P50 Working Group Report