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    Mediation is a process of assisted negotiation where the disputants resolve their differences with the assistance of a neutral third party.


    Facilitation can include group problem solving, structured dialogue, and meeting management to assist groups in achieving desired outcomes.


    We help people manage difficult situations, and provide input in the development of policies and procedures in anticipation of possible problems and workplace disputes.

    Dispute Systems Design

    We develop customized dispute resolution mechanisms such as:

    • Peer Review Panel. Peer Panel Review is a new concept in problem resolution that allows a panel, consisting of two supervisors and three peers, to hear employee complaints and make final and binding decisions. Employees choose the panelists at random from a pool of volunteers rigorously trained in the peer panel process.
    • Partnering. Partnering is a process used to develop and sustain collaborations. Especially relevant to scientific research collaborations, the process focuses on developing agreements to (1) anticipate problems, (2) clarify expectations, (3) establish open communication, and (4) plan for conflict resolution.

    Training and Presentations

    Ombudsman staff members are available for presentations at staff meetings, briefings, training sessions, and conferences.

    Videocast of training presented at NIH by CCR staff on May 13, 2003:

    >>GMAC: Negotiation Skills for Today's Grants Management Specialist (NIH Only)