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NLM RSS Feeds for News, Podcasts, and Webcasts

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RSS Feeds from NLM

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for sharing and distributing Web content. Using an RSS reader, you will be notified when new content is published on the feeds that interest you, without cluttering your inbox with e-mail messages. See more information about RSS from

You can download free RSS readers. Each reader has its own features and advantages. NLM does not endorse or provide technical support for RSS readers or aggregators. To find one that fits your needs, you can search the Web with the words free rss reader.

To add any of the following feeds, copy the URL below and paste it into your RSS reader.

RSS AIDSinfo At-a-Glance - Information on HIV/AIDS Treatment, Prevention, and Research
See also AIDSinfo Drug Database RSS Feeds

RSS DailyMed Drug Label Updates - High quality information about marketed drugs

RSS Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS) News - New resources, projects and activities

RSS Library-LinkOut Announcements - Journal titles added to the PubMed LinkOut program

RSS MedlinePlus Health News - Press announcements and HealthDay news stories
RSS Qué hay de nuevo en MedlinePlus - Highlights, features and announcements for MedlinePlus en español

RSS NLM General Announcements - New and updated files on selected NLM Web sites

RSS NLM Technical Bulletin - Newsletter on NLM Web Sites for online searchers

RSS NIH Clinical Alerts and Advisories - Clinical findings that significantly affect morbidity and mortality
See all clinical alerts and advisories

RSS PubMed New and Noteworthy - Enhancements to the PubMed, Journals, and MeSH databases
See also How to set up RSS Feeds for PubMed Searches

RSS PubMed Central News - Changes and new journals in PubMed Central

RSS UMLS News - News about the UMLS Knowledge Sources and related resources

RSS What's New on MedlinePlus - Highlights, features and announcements

Podcasts from NLM

Podcasts are multimedia files, such as audio programs or music videos, that are distributed over the Internet using the RSS format. Donald A.B. Lindberg, M.D., Director of the National Library of Medicine, narrates a weekly update highlighting new materials on MedlinePlus. See a list of all available "MedlinePlus: NLM Director's Comments" podcasts.

Podcast MedlinePlus: NLM Director's Comments

Subscribe with iTunes to the "MedlinePlus: NLM Director's Comments" podcast

Webcasts from NLM

Webcasts, or presentations broadcast over the Internet, allow participants to interact with a presenter via a chat window or teleconference. NLM currently offers Webcasts in the general topic areas of the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) and PubMed. Notifications for UMLS Webcasts are sent out via the UMLS News RSS Feed while notifications for PubMed Webcasts are sent out via the NLM Technical Bulletin RSS Feed and the NLM General Announcements RSS Feed. See above to subscribe to any of these RSS Feeds.

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