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Scientific Meetings from 2006

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Scientific Meetings from 2006

Promoting Indigenous Research on Suicide Prevention and Related Topics: A Workshop to Define Issues, Develop Strategies and Identify Sustaining Frameworks
November 8 - 9, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico
As a follow-up to the February 2006 meeting “Indigenous Suicide Prevention Research and Programs in Canada and the United States: Setting a Collaborative Agenda” NIMH supported a workshop to further identify challenges faced by indigenous researchers.
The 13th NIMH Biennial Research Conference on the Economics of Mental Health
September 25 - 26, 2006
Bethesda, Maryland
In September 2006, the NIMH Division of Services and Intervention Research (DSIR) sponsored a national research conference on mental health economics.
Developing New Treatments for Tourette Syndrome: Clinical and Basic Science Dialogue
September 10 - 12, 2006
Washington, D.C.
In September, 2006, NINDS, NIMH, ORD, and the Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA) jointly sponsored a workshop to develop new and improved treatments for children and adults afflicted with Tourette syndrome (TS).
Northeast Regional Meeting on Connecting Science and Service
September 4, 2006
Baltimore, Maryland
Current Issues in Psychosocial Intervention Research in Late-Life Mental Disorders
September 1, 2006
Arlington, Virginia
NIMH’s Geriatrics Research Branch in the Division of Adult Translational Research and Treatment Development (DATR) organized this multidisciplinary workshop, held in Arlington, Virginia in September 2006.
Optimizing fMRI Approaches to Adolescent Mental Disorders
August 17 - 18, 2006
Rockville, Maryland
On August 17-18, 2006, the National Institute of Mental Health sponsored a workshop that brought together researchers involved in the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study adolescent mental disorders and normal development, as well as scientists involved in integrating fMRI data with data from other imaging modalities. The goal was to address issues involved in such research toward the goal of optimizing study designs and approaches to improve our understanding of the neural bases of these disorders.
Federal Partnership on the Transformation of Mental Health Care in the United States
August 1, 2006
Washington, DC
Led by the Center for Mental Health Services of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, NIMH participates in this Federal effort to improve the quality of mental health care delivered to US citizens.
NIMH/National Business Group on Health Roundtable on Medication Management in Employer-Based Behavioral Health Systems
July 1, 2006
Washington, DC
The Services Research and Clinical Epidemiology Branch of the NIMH Division of Services and Intervention Research held this one-day meeting to identify relevant research findings for employers and to discuss new opportunities to bridge the gap between research and practice.
Annual Family and HIV/AIDS Meeting
July 1, 2006
San Juan, Puerto Rico
NIMH and the University of Puerto Rico cosponsored the Annual International Research Conference on the Role of Families in Preventing and Adapting to HIV/AIDS.
NIMH Workshop on the Classification of Eating Disorders
July 1, 2006
Rockville, Maryland
In July 2006, NIMH supported a workshop that focused on classification and diagnosis of eating disorders.
Dimensional Approaches in Diagnostic Classification
July 1, 2006
Bethesda, Maryland
NIMH, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) supported the addition of a meeting on dimensional approaches to the series of meetings that the American Psychiatric Association is conducting in preparation for the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).
Annual Computational Neuroscience (CNS) meeting
July 1, 2006
Edinburgh, Scotland
NIMH provided partial support for the 15th annual CNS meeting held in July, in Edinburgh, Scotland. CNS is an interdisciplinary field forging a link between neuroscience, computer science, physics, and applied mathematics.
Gene x Environment Interactions and Developmental Psychopathology: Research Challenges and Opportunities
June 27 - 28, 2007
Washington, DC
The purpose of this workshop was to bring together researchers in developmental psychopathology, genetics, epidemiology, and related disciplines to determine: (1) the utility of the gene-by-environment (GxE) paradigm for informing disease processes during childhood and adolescence; (2) the translational relevance of research generated via the application of this paradigm; and, (3) the key issues and sources of complexity that need to be considered in applying this paradigm broadly and to pediatric populations specifically.
NIH State of the Science Conference on Tobacco Use: Prevention, Cessation, and Control
June 1, 2006
Bethesda, Maryland
Tobacco use remains the Nation’s leading preventable cause of premature death.
NCDEU Meeting
June 1, 2006
Boca Raton, Florida
Named after the original NIMH New Clinical Drug Evaluation Unit clinical trials program, the NCDEU meeting has grown and evolved over the years to include a broad range of academic and industry investigators, practitioners, and NIMH and FDA staff.
Prevention of Traumatic Stress Disorders in High-Risk Occupations: Current Knowledge and Research Opportunities
June 1, 2006
Bethesda, Maryland
The NIMH Office of Prevention and the Division of Adult Translational Research and Treatment Development, Traumatic Stress Disorders Research Program, held a meeting involving trauma researchers, prevention scientists, and subject-matter experts responsible for preparing civilian and military personnel for disaster response, mass casualty events, and combat.
Early Psychological Intervention Following Mass Trauma: Present and Future Directions
June 1, 2006
New York
NIMH partnered with the New York Medical College and School of Public Health and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Center for Study of Traumatic Stress, for a meeting of trauma and early intervention experts.
Translational Research: Bridging Basic and Applied Perspectives
May 1, 2006
Rockville, Maryland
In May 2006, the Division of AIDS and Health and Behavior Research (DAHBR) sponsored this two-day meeting in Rockville, Maryland with the purpose of bringing together scientists whose work has focused on prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, stigma, and related areas to assist NIMH in identifying (1) the most exciting and timely possibilities for translation and integration across basic and applied approaches, (2) the greatest gaps in knowledge, (3) barriers to conducting this kind of translational research, and (4) ways to overcome these barriers. The meeting was jointly planned and co-chaired by Jennifer Crocker, University of Michigan; Bernice Pescosolido, Indiana University; and Emeline Otey, DAHBR.
HIV Preclinical — Clinical Therapeutics Research
May 1, 2006
Bethesda, Maryland
In May, the NIMH Center for Mental Health Research on AIDS convened this two-day meeting in Bethesda, Maryland
Mapping the Landscape of Deployment Related Adjustment and Mental Disorders: A Working Group to Inform Research
May 1, 2006
Rockville, Maryland
NIMH joined the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Research and Development, and the Department of Defense, United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, for a meeting to discuss progress and challenges in addressing deployment-related adjustment problems and mental disorders
Developmental and Translational Models of Emotion Regulation and Dysregulation: Links to Childhood Affective Disorders
April 3 - 4, 2006
Bethesda, MD
On April 3 and 4, 2006, the National Institute of Mental Health sponsored a meeting that brought together basic and clinical scientists in the field of emotion regulation to review current models, identify research gaps, and propose promising directions for future research.
NIMH/IAPAC International Conference on HIV Treatment Adherence
March 1, 2006
Jersey City, New Jersey
In March 2006, in Jersey City, New Jersey, NIMH and the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) hosted a state-of-the-science conference to examine strategies to understand and enhance adherence to antiretroviral regimens in a variety of settings
NIMH Workshop for Emerging Research Investigators in Pediatric Mental Health: Making a Successful Transition to Research Career Independence
February 27 - 28, 2006
Bethesda, Maryland
This workshop focused on providing emerging investigators with resources necessary to initiate and continue on the path of research independence focused on child and adolescent research.
Indigenous Suicide Prevention Research and Programs in Canada and the United States: Setting a Collaborative Agenda
February 7 - 9, 2006
Albuquerque, NM
In February 2006, a conference was convened to bring together representatives from research, service organizations, youth, community programs, and governments (across a range of countries, tribes, and villages) to share the most current information on Indigenous suicide, to find ways to foster communication and collaboration, and to form and support workgroups to bring substantive research and prevention efforts forward in a multi-year effort.
Benefits, Limitations, and Emerging Research Needs in Treating Youth with Depression
February 6 - 7, 2006
Washington, DC
On February 6 and 7, 2006, experts in child and adolescent depression met in Washington, DC to review the state of the science of the treatment of youth depression and discuss approaches to further research.
Treating Children and Adolescents with Depression: Future Research Questions
February 1, 2006 In February 2006, NIMH hosted this two-day workshop with the purpose of reviewing the evidence for benefits and risks of existing treatment interventions for youths suffering from depression, identifying knowledge gaps in need of further research, and discussing approaches to future research with respect to design, methods, and implementation.
Reward Neurocircuitry in Adolescent Development and Decision Making
January 20, 2006
Bethesda Marriott North Conference Center, Bethesda, Maryland
Adolescence is a time of increased risk taking, as well as increased decisional capacity. Importantly, it is a time of increased vulnerability to social influences and to the onset of psychopathology, such as mood and substance use disorders
International Society for CNS Clinical Trials and Methodology (ISCTM) Meeting
January 20, 2006 In February 2006, the ISCTM held this meeting by satellite on the NIMH initiative regarding treatment development for negative symptoms of schizophrenia