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News Releases and Statements For 1998


December 1998

Dec. 16, 1998Study Offers Hope for Immune Reconstitution After HIV Infection
Dec. 4, 1998Maternal Tissue Typing Could Improve Selection of Kidney Transplant Donors

November 1998

Nov. 15, 1998Treatment with IL-2 Plus HAART Markedly Reduces HIV in Immune System "Hiding Places"
Nov. 10, 1998Dr. Albert Kapikian Receives CVI Pasteur Award
Nov. 5, 1998Genetic Code of Chromosome of Malaria Parasite Deciphered

October 1998

Oct. 28, 1998Study Finds Less Intensive Treatments May Not Maintain HIV Suppression
Oct. 22, 1998Innovative Database Developed for the Study of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Oct. 22, 1998Scientists Sequence Chlamydia trachomatis Genome

September 1998

Sept. 28, 1998Study Shows Efavirenz Promising in Treating Pediatric HIV Infection: Leads to Approval of New Drug for Treating HIV-Infected Children
Sept. 23, 1998NIAID Scientists Discover HIV Disease-Slowing Mutation
Sept. 22, 1998Some CFS Patients Benefit from Low-Dose Steroid, But Side Effects Too Risky
Sept. 21, 1998NIAID and NIEHS Recruit for National Cooperative Inner-City Study to Reduce Asthma Severity in Children
Sept. 9, 1998Results of Simplified Screening for Chlamydia in Female Military Recruits Suggest Testing for All Sexually Active Young Women
Sept. 1, 1998NIAID Announces Funding for 12 Centers for AIDS Research

August 1998

Aug. 18, 1998NIAID Collaborates with VaxGen on Vaccine Studies
Aug. 17, 1998Scientists Discover How Influenza Virus Becomes More Deadly
Aug. 3, 1998DNA Vaccine 100 Percent Effective Against Rabies in Monkeys

July 1998

July 28, 1998Dr. Peggy Johnston Rejoins NIAID to Lead AIDS Vaccine R&D Effort
July 20, 1998Pool of Latently Infected, "Resting" Cells Established Early in HIV Infection
July 16, 1998Syphilis Genome Sequence Offers Clues to Better Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment
July 6, 1998The Perils of Discontinuing Therapy: Without HAART, Cytokines Stimulate HIV From Latently Infected Cells
July 3, 1998Mass Treatment for Curable STDs has Mixed Results, Study Finds: Some STD Rates Fall, but HIV Incidence Remains Unchanged
July 1, 1998Scientists Make Progress Toward Gene Therapy for HIV Infection

June 1998

June 30, 1998Fauci to Present New Insights into HIV Latency at 12th World AIDS Conference
June 18, 1998Relapsing Fever Spirochete Switches Surface Proteins When it Changes Hosts
June 17, 1998Crystal Structure of Key HIV Protein Reveals New Prevention, Treatment Targets
June 4, 1998Scientists Identify Molecular Target for Tuberculosis Drug Treatment
June 1, 1998Interleukin-12 Helps Control Mycobacterium avium Infection

May 1998

May 26, 1998Scientists Say Latently Infected Cells May Stoke the Fire of HIV Replication
May 13, 1998Communities Honor HIV/AIDS Vaccine Volunteers
May 13, 1998Nasal Spray Vaccine Prevents Both the Flu and Flu-Related Earaches
May 6, 1998Cystic Fibrosis Gene Protects Against Typhoid Fever

April 1998

April 27, 1998First Human Trial Shows that an Edible Vaccine is Feasible

February 1998

Feb. 25, 1998HHS Secretary Names Four to NIAID Advisory Council
Feb. 19, 1998Leftover Fetal Cells May Affect Development of Scleroderma
Feb. 17, 1998U.S. Scientists Honored for Lifetime Contributions in Hepatitis Research
Feb. 17, 1998Age-Based Screening is Cost-Effective Method to Control Chlamydial Infection
Feb. 11, 1998Short-Course TB Prophylaxis Effective in HIV-Infected Individuals
Feb. 11, 1998Sexually Active Younger Women are at Higher Risk for Infection with Human Papillomavirus
Feb. 4, 1998NIAID Doctor Successfully Treats Longest Case of Malaria Infection on Record
Feb. 2, 1998Fauci: New Findings Help Explain "Rebound" of HIV in Patients Who Discontinue Triple-Drug Therapy

January 1998

Jan. 29, 1998Novel Concepts Put to the Test in Three New AIDS Vaccine Trials
Jan. 1, 1998Enzyme Protects Virus from Environmental Hazards


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