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News Releases and Statements For 2001


December 2001

Dec. 20, 2001NIAID and Merck to Collaborate on HIV Vaccine Development
Dec. 19, 2001Damping the Flames: Inflammation Control Mechanism Determined
Dec. 17, 2001Scientists Milk Animals for Malaria Vaccine
Dec. 10, 2001New Findings Explain T-cell Loss in HIV Infection
Dec. 6, 2001HHS News: HHS Accelerates Bioterrorism Research
Dec. 5, 2001Garlic Supplements Can Impede HIV Medication
Dec. 3, 20017-Day-On, 7-Day-Off Regimen Could Reduce Cost, Toxicities of HIV Therapy
Dec. 1, 2001Statement of Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Director, NIAID on World AIDS Day

November 2001

Nov. 30, 2001New NIH Web Resource Marks World AIDS Day
Nov. 30, 2001Scientists Find Hidden Piece of Influenza Virus
Nov. 29, 2001NIAID Takes Next Genome Step
Nov. 22, 2001New Finding May Help Doctors Prevent HIV Drug Resistance
Nov. 19, 2001New Theory Proposed for Cystic Fibrosis Infections
Nov. 19, 2001HIV "Rides" into Cells on Membrane Rafts, NIAID Scientists Determine
Nov. 19, 2001High HIV Levels Shut Down Anti-HIV Immune Responses
Nov. 16, 2001Hidden Toxin Gene in Chlamydia Linked to Chronic Illnesses

October 2001

Oct. 24, 2001Fire and Ice: An Altered Protein Brings Fever, Chills
Oct. 23, 2001Researchers Discover Secrets of Anthrax's Killer Toxin
Oct. 17, 2001Study Examines How Prion Disease Adapts to New Species
Oct. 11, 2001New Study Shifts Thinking About Risk of Rare Bowel Blockage Linked to Rotavirus Vaccine
Oct. 9, 2001First AIDS Vaccine Made at NIAID's Vaccine Research Center Enters Clinical Trial
Oct. 4, 2001Anthony S. Fauci Awarded 2001 Frank Annunzio Award

September 2001

Sept. 10, 2001Major AIDS Studies to Increase Minority Enrollment, Answer New Questions
Sept. 9, 2001Fauci to Present AIDS Vaccine Update at Philadelphia Meeting
Sept. 6, 2001A Small Genetic Change Makes Flu Virus Deadly

August 2001

Aug. 14, 2001NIAID Researchers Identify HIV-Induced Changes in B Cells, NIAID News Release
Aug. 11, 2001NIAID Awards Grant to Rapidly Sequence the Malaria Mosquito Genome, NIAID News Release
Aug. 6, 2001Component of Fly Saliva Makes Promising Leishmaniasis Vaccine

July 2001

July 16, 2001Dr. Edmund C. Tramont Named Director of NIAID's Division of AIDS, NIAID News Release
July 9, 2001Staph Bacteria are Prolific Gene Swappers, Researchers Show

June 2001

June 18, 2001NIAID Collaboration Yields New Test for Lyme Disease
June 14, 2001Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms Not Helped by Intensive Antibiotic Treatment
June 4, 2001NIH Launches Online AIDS Oral History Project, NIAID News Release

May 2001

May 14, 2001Fourth Annual HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Honors Volunteers, Promotes Research
May 7, 2001A Parasite, a Virus, and a Bacterium: NIAID's Plan to Tackle the World's Leading Killers, NIAID

April 2001

April 9, 2001Scientists Sequence Genome of Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever Bacterium

March 2001

March 29, 2001Mouse Model of Food Allergies Reveals Cause of Inflammation, NIAID News Release
March 27, 2001Fighting the White Plague
March 24, 2001Transplants of Sibling Stem Cells Show Promise for Immune Disorder
March 8, 2001New Prime-Boost HIV Vaccine Strategy Shows Promise in Monkeys, NIAID News Release
March 8, 2001Don't Get Rid of That Cat Yet, Say Asthma Researchers
March 7, 2001Study Confirms Gender Differences in Progression from HIV to AIDS, NIAID News Release
March 5, 2001Statement of Anthony S. Fauci. M.D., Director, NIAID on Anopheles gambiae Genome Sequencing Project, March 5, 2001

February 2001

Feb. 28, 2001Fauci Presents Roadmap for Infectious Disease Research in 21st Century
Feb. 6, 2001Grants Awarded to Implement Inner-City Asthma Intervention, NIAID News Release
Feb. 5, 2001HIV Treatment Guidelines Updated for Adults and Adolescents

January 2001

Jan. 26, 2001Clinical Study Confirms Single Gene Change in Chloroquine-Resistant Malaria
Jan. 24, 2001Gene Sequence of Deadly E. coli Reveals Surprisingly Dynamic Genome
Jan. 22, 2001Experimental Therapy May Lead to Better Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
Jan. 21, 2001HHS Secretary Names Four to NIAID Advisory Council, NIAID News Release
Jan. 4, 2001Steroid Medication No Help to CFS Patients Who Get that Faint Feeling, NIAID News Release
Jan. 1, 2001NIH Scientists Highlight Role of Macrophages in HIV Infection, NIAID News Release


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