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News Releases and Statements For 1997


December 1997

Dec. 16, 1997Studies Shed New Light on HIV Epidemic in India

November 1997

Nov. 13, 1997HIV Persists and Can Replicate Despite Prolonged Combination Therapy

October 1997

Oct. 30, 1997A New Registry for Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases
Oct. 29, 1997HIV Subterfuge Revealed
Oct. 28, 1997Study Advances Development of Gene Therapy for Chronic Granulomatous Disease
Oct. 22, 1997Oral Vaccine Protects Infants from Severe Rotavirus Diarrhea First Success in a Developing Country
Oct. 15, 1997Statement from Dr. Fauci on National Adult Immunization Awareness Week

September 1997

Sept. 29, 1997First Grants for Innovative AIDS Vaccine Research Awarded
Sept. 29, 1997Scientists Develop Powerful Tool for Studying TB
Sept. 15, 1997Mutant Gene Not Sole Explanation for HIV Non-Progression
Sept. 4, 1997"Trojan Horse" Virus Controls HIV Infection
Sept. 2, 1997Researchers Discover First Animal Strain of Hepatitis E Virus

August 1997

Aug. 19, 1997Preventing Perinatal Infections -- for Pennies

July 1997

July 30, 1997TB Prophylaxis Unnecessary in HIV-Infected People with Anergy, Study Suggests
July 24, 1997Researchers Clone Infectious Hepatitis C Virus
July 14, 1997Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Proves Effective in Children

June 1997

June 26, 1997NIAID Funds Scientists to Study Acute Infection and Early HIV Disease
June 26, 1997Two Drugs Better Than One for Treating Children with Symptomatic HIV
June 21, 1997Draft DHHS Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents
June 19, 1997Draft HIV/AIDS Treatment Guidelines Available

May 1997

May 21, 1997Limited Course of Thalidomide Effective in Treating AIDS-Related Mouth Ulcers
May 13, 1997Dr. John J. McGowan Named NIAID Deputy Director
May 7, 1997NIAID Study: Cockroaches Important Cause of Asthma Morbidity Among Inner-City Children
May 7, 1997Study Provides Baseline Measurements of Viral Load in Pediatric AIDS
May 2, 1997HHS Secretary Names Four to NIAID Advisory Council

April 1997

April 30, 1997Tropical Disease Researchers to Meet at NIH
April 29, 1997CD4+ T Cell Diversity, Lost in Late-Stage HIV Disease, Is Not Immediately Restored by Therapy
April 29, 1997Advances in AIDS Pathogenesis and Preclinical Vaccine Development
April 3, 1997NIAID Evaluates N-9 Film as Microbicide
April 3, 1997World Health Day - April 7, 1997 Emerging Infectious Diseases - Global Alert, Global Response Statement of NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.

March 1997

March 24, 1997IL-2 Injections Safely Boost CD4+ T Cell Levels in HIV-Infected Patients
March 5, 1997New Grant Program Encourages Innovative AIDS Vaccine Research

February 1997

Feb. 28, 1997NIAID Funds Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group
Feb. 24, 1997Study Confirms that Combination Treatment Using a Protease Inhibitor Can Delay HIV Disease Progression and Death
Feb. 19, 1997NIAID/CIS/AAI Symposium on Contemporary Topics in Immunology
Feb. 19, 1997NIAID Inner-City Asthma Study Finds Multiple Factors Lead to Increased Asthma Morbidity
Feb. 15, 1997Scientists to Discuss Genetic Resistance to HIV

January 1997

Jan. 26, 1997ACTG 315 Preliminary Results: Drug Cocktail Restores Partial Immune Function
Jan. 23, 1997Scientists to Discuss Chemokine Receptor Research
Jan. 22, 1997Fauci Lab Presents New Data on AIDS Pathogenesis, Treatment at Retroviruses Conference
Jan. 16, 1997NIAID Scientists Win Prize for Top Science Paper
Jan. 9, 1997Primary Immune Response to HIV Predicts Disease Progression


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