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Dr. Celine Bry joined our lab in January of 2002 after obtaining her Pharm D., entitled DNA fingerprints in legal medicine, from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Grenoble, France and completing a one year specialization in forensic science at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Lyon, France.

In our laboratory Dr. Bry has utilized knockout and knock-in mouse models to examine the role of gap junction proteins, or connexins, in mammary epithelial cell development. Specifically, she inactivated the connexin 26 gene specifically in mammary epithelium. In addition Celine has established a system to introduce Cre into primary cells which which permitted her to inactivate the Stat5 locus in mammary epithelial cells and in MEFs.

Celine left our laboratory in December of 2003 to return to France and pursue a career as Director of Public Relations for Genoway, a company in Lyon specializing in genetically engieered mice and rats.

Publications while at LGP

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1. Bry, C., Maass, K., Miyoshi, K., Willecke, K., Ott, T., Robinson, G.W. and Hennighausen, L. (2004). Loss of connexin 26 in mammary epuithelium during early but not during late pregnancy results in unscheduled apoptosis and impaired development. Dev. Biol., in press.

2. Nemade, R., Bierie, B., Nozawa, M., Bry, C., Smith, G.H., Fuchs, E. and Hennighausen, L. (2004). Biogenesis and function of mouse mammary epithelium depends on the presence of functional alpha-catenin. Mechanisms of Development, 121, 91-99.

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