The NIHMS System Slide Shows demonstrate how to perform various actions in a step-by-step fashion and are illustrated with screen captures. There are three versions available for each help topic: a hyperlinked HTML display, a QuickTime movie, and a PDF file.

Submission Help for Principal Investigators (PI)

How do I submit a manuscript from a journal that does not participate in PubMed Central (PMC)?*

How do I approve the PDF Receipt when someone else submitted a manuscript on my behalf?

How do I review and approve the Web version of my manuscript?

Submission Help for Non-PI Submitters

How do I submit a manuscript for a PI from a journal that does not participate in PMC?*

Miscellaneous Help Items

Grant Assistance: How do I search for grants and projects in the NIHMS System database?

Adding grants: How do I Add Grants when a publisher submits the manuscript?

*PMC-participating journals provide the final published article to the NIH. Authors that publish in these journals do not need to submit articles to NIH via NIHMS. Please go to for a complete list of these journals.