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The Journal Publishing Tag Set defines elements and attributes that describe the content and metadata of journal articles, including research and non-research articles, letters, editorials, and book and product reviews. The Tag Set allows for descriptions of the full article content or just the article header metadata.

Publishing is a moderately prescriptive Tag Set, optimized for the archives who wish to regularize and control their content, not to accept the sequence and arrangement presented to them by any particular publisher. The Tag Set is also intended for use by publishers for the initial XML tagging of journal material, usually as converted from an authoring form like Microsoft Word.

Because Publishing is optimized for regularizing an archive or establishing a sequence of elements to aid print and web production, the Tag Set is smaller than the Archiving Tag Set. There are fewer elements, fewer choices in many contexts, and particular element sequence is imposed more often.

The philosophy of this Publishing Tag Set is to prefer a single structural form whenever possible. The Publishing Tag Set is optimized for regularizing an archive or establishing a sequence of elements to aid print and web production. Elements and tagging choices are limited to produce consistent data structures to enable output products and to provide a single location of information for searching.


The complete documentation for this Tag Set is available in the Tag Library http://dtd.nlm.nih.gov/publishing/tag-library/. The structure and suggested usage of the Tag Library is described in the How to Use (Read Me First) section.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions page is available.

Available Schemas

In addition to the DTD format, the Tag Set is also available as a W3C XML schema and as a RELAX NG schema. Both are generated directly from the DTD and neither is intended for maintenance. See the individual schema pages for more information.

Getting the Files

All of the Tag Set files are available by anonymous FTP: ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/pub/archive_dtd/publishing/.

The files are directly available through the following links:

Each schema is also available through the web at the following stable URIs. Please note that not all browsers will display these files properly, but the files are viewable in XML or text editors.


The current version of the Journal Publishing Tag Set is v3.0.

Version 3.0 was released on November 21, 2008. A detailed explanation of the changes from version 2.3 is available in the v3.0 Change Report.

Version 2.3 is available here: http://dtd.nlm.nih.gov/archiving/2.3/

Version 2.2 is available here: http://dtd.nlm.nih.gov/archiving/2.2/

Version 2.1 is available here: http://dtd.nlm.nih.gov/archiving/2.1/

Version 2.0 is available here: http://dtd.nlm.nih.gov/archiving/2.0/

Version 1.1 is available here: http://dtd.nlm.nih.gov/archiving/1.1/

Version 1.0 is available here: http://dtd.nlm.nih.gov/archiving/1.0/


Please submit all questions or comments to publishing-dtd@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.

This is a public mailing list. More information on the list is available: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/mailman/listinfo/publishing-dtd.

Any suggestions for changes to the Tag Set or documentation should be made through the Journal Article Tag Set Comment Form at the Mulberry Technologies site.

Related Tag Sets

The Archiving Tag Set, created from the Tag Suite, is less prescriptive than the Publishing Tag Set. It enables archives to capture but structural and semantic components and does not enforce any particular sequence or textual format.

The Article Authoring Tag Set, also created from the Tag Suite, is optimized for authoring original journal articles. It is the most limited Tag Set derived from the Suite that is offered by NLM.

The NCBI Book Tag Set was designed to accommodate tagging for books as part of the NCBI Bookshelf project.

Individuals wanting to submit citations and abstracts for inclusion in PubMed/MEDLINE should use the PubMed Journal Article DTD. See the Information for Publishers re: XML Tagged Data on the PubMed web site.


All of the tools described in this section are available at http://dtd.nlm.nih.gov/tools/.

NLM has created an XSL transform that converts data in any version of the Archiving Tag Set into version 3.0 of the Tag Set. Information about customizing and using the transform is available in the transform’s documentation.

Tools for Previous Versions

The following tools work only with versions of the Tag Set prior to 3.0. NLM will release versions of these tools to work with 3.0 as they become available.

XML Information

Links to general information on XML, XSLT, Unicode™, and XLink are available on the XML Resources page.

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