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(Principal Investigator)
Institution City , ST Award Code Pubs
Hazcommand: Hazmat, Incident Command Training (Kaye, Jonathan) Amethyst Research, Llc Philadelphia, PA R44ES013908 Ø
Advanced Toxic Metal Contaminant Remediation System (James, Patrick) Tesla Laboratories,, Inc. Arlington, VA R44ES013622 Ø
Phase 2 Sbir: Zebrafish Cytochrome P450 Assays for Assessing Drug Metabolism and (Li, Chunqi) Phylonix Pharmaceuticals,, Inc. Cambridge, MA R44ES017366 Ø
A Novel Permeable Barrier for Groundwater Bioremediation (Shirazi, Fatemeh) Microvi Biotech, Llc Overland Park, KS R44ES011880 Ø
Portable Arsenic Monitor for Drinking Water (Carter, Michael) Eltron Research,, Inc. Boulder, CO R44ES011913 Ø
The Removal of Disinfection Byoproducts From Water (1000 - 641) (Giaya, Arjan) Triton Systems,, Inc. Chelmsford, MA R44ES012784 Ø
Automatic Multi - Analyte In - Situ Bioassay for Monitoring Exposure to Toxic Metals (Mo, Jianwei) Kumetrix,, Inc. Union City, CA R43ES016458 Ø
Species Level Identification of Pathogenic Viruses On A Microfluidic Platform (Strong, Louis) Radiation Monitoring Devices,, Inc. Watertown, MA R44ES012515 Ø
A Miniature Monitor for Time - Resolved Airborne Particle Chemistry (Hering, Susanne) Aerosol Dynamics,, Inc. Berkeley, CA R44ES014997 Ø
Nanostructured Electrochemical Ozone Monitors (Kostelecky, Clayton) Synkera Technologies,, Inc. Longmont, CO R43ES017192 Ø
Biocatalytic Air Monitor for Detection of Nerve Agents (Lee, Sang) Nanodynamics Life Sciences,, Inc. Buffalo, NY R44ES012763 Ø
Biomarkers of Response to Environmental Stressors: Measurement of Environmental E (Birnbaum, Eva) Caldera Pharmaceuticals,, Inc. Los Alamos, NM R43ES016395 Ø
Analyzer for Monitoring Personal Environmental Exposure to Fluids and Materials (Gibson, Walter) X - Ray Optical Systems,, Inc. East Greenbush, NY R43ES016689 Ø
Elucidation of Functional Networks From Toxicogenomics Gene Expression Data (Nikolskaya, Tatiana) Genego,, Inc. Saint Joseph, MI R44ES013800 Ø
Real Time Monitoring of Environmental Exposure to Pesticides (Subramanian, Kumar) Phoenix Biosystems,, Inc. Pleasanton, CA R43ES016410 Ø
Formaldehyde Molecular Recognition Microsensor (Polyakov, Oleg) Synkera Technologies,, Inc. Longmont, CO R43ES016685 Ø
Multiplexed Personal Monitoring of Airborne Toxins (Acharya, Bharat) Platypus Technologies, Llc Madison, WI R43ES014977 Ø
A Person Portable Fast Responding Exhaled Breath Analyzer (Srivastava, Santosh) Contemporary Devices Company La Crescenta, CA R43ES016414 Ø
Rapid Pesticide Exposure Analysis Using Surface - Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (Spencer, Kevin) Eic Laboratories,, Inc. Norwood, MA R43ES016409 Ø
A Microfluidic Biochip for Rapid Screening of Pesticide Residues (Su, Xiao-Li) Biodetection Instruments, Llc Fayetteville, AR R43ES016704 Ø
Monolithic Reagentless Biosensor for Online Monitoring of Waterborne Pathogens (Su, Xiao-Li) Biodetection Instruments, Llc Fayetteville, AR R43ES016699 Ø
Hazmat Iq Four Step System Elearning (Held, Christopher) Metamedia Training International,, Inc. Germantown, MD R44ES016670 Ø
Developing and Using Sheepshead Minnow Microarrays for Ecotoxicology (Carter, Barbara) Ecoarray,, Inc. Alachua, FL R44ES013637 Ø
Detection of Environmental Agents Using A Novel Aerosol Sampler Coupled to A Micr (Ariessohn, Peter) Enertechnix,, Inc. Maple Valley, WA R43ES016390 Ø
Separation of Sr - 90 and Ca2+ in Enviromental Samples (Cisar, Alan) Lynntech,, Inc. College Station, TX R44ES013051 Ø
A Rapid Label - Free Sensor for Immune Markers of Environmental Exposure (Striemer, Christopher) Pathologics, Llc West Henrietta, NY R43ES016406 Ø
Microwave Remediation of Hazardous Medical Wastes (Chandrasekhar, Prasanna) Ashwin - Ushas Corporation,, Inc. Freehold, NJ R44ES013803 Ø
Sensitive to Low Ppm and Reversible Sensor for Co (Goswami, Kisholoy) Innosense, Llc Torrance, CA R44ES012553 Ø
A Novel Nanocomposite Photocatalyst for Water Treatment (Gonzalez-Martin, Anuncia) Lynntech,, Inc. College Station, TX R44ES012517 Ø
In Vitro Assay to Assess Chemical Toxicity in Retinal Primary Cell Cultures (Fawzi, Ahmad) Acucela,, Inc. Bothell, WA R43ES015667 Ø
Managing Environmental Risks in Pregnancy (Mcelaney, Lisa) Vida Health Communications,, Inc. Cambridge, MA R44ES014495 Ø
Field - Deployable Monitor to Assess Personal Exposure to Multiple Heavy Metals (Dweik, Badawi) Giner,, Inc. Newton, MA R43ES016412 Ø
System for Comprehensive Tracking and Analysis of C. Elegans Behaviors (Glaser, Jacob) Microbrightfield,, Inc. Williston, VT R43ES017180 Ø
In Vitro Assay to Determine Skin Corrosivity Packing Groups (Kaluzhny, Yulia) Mattek Corporation Ashland, MA R43ES017178 Ø
Integrated Biochip for In - Vitro Toxicology (Dordick, Jonathan) Solidus Biosciences,, Inc. Troy, NY R42ES012619 7
Mobile Just - In - Time Training of Emergency Response Personnel - Phase II (Bandera, Cesar) Bandemar Networks, Llc East Brunswick, NJ R44ES014793 Ø
Viyant Hazmat Skilled Support Personnel Just in Place Performance Support (Kirkley, Sonny) Information in Place,, Inc. Bloomington, IN R43ES016673 Ø
Catalytic DNA Biosensor for Toxic Metal Ions (Lu, Yi) Dzymetech,, Inc. Champaign, IL R42ES014125 Ø
A New High Performance Detector for Small Animal Spect (Nagarkar, Vivek) Radiation Monitoring Devices,, Inc. Watertown, MA R44ES012361 Ø
An in Vitro Robotic Assay for Anti - Estrogenic Activity (Yang, Cathy) Certichem,, Inc. Austin, TX R44ES014806 Ø
Online E - Learning Courses for Hazardous Material Workers (Marmarelli, Deborah) Dcm Associates Mount Pleasant, MI R44ES013091 Ø
Point Source Ozonation to Minimize Antibiotic Resistance (Thompson, Clay) Blueingreen, Llc Fayetteville, AR R42ES014137 Ø
Ceriodaphnia DNA Microarrays (Hughes, Owen) Eon Corporation Davis, CA R44ES011433 Ø
Personal Ozone Monitor (Birks, John) 2b Technologies,, Inc. Boulder, CO R43ES016925 Ø
Engineering Enhanced Plants for Arsenic Remediation (Lee, David) Edenspace Systems Corporation Chantilly, VA R41ES016961 Ø
Low - Cost Electronic Nose for Groundwater Contaminants (Patel, Sanjay) Seacoast Science,, Inc. Carlsbad, CA R43ES016941 Ø
Powers of Inquiry: Using Image Analysis to Explore Environmental Health Science (Moore, Steven) Science - Approach Tucson, AZ R44ES012551 Ø
Label - Free Immunoassay - Based Sensor Array for Assessment of Exposure to Pahs (Kim, Jinseong) Lynntech,, Inc. College Station, TX R43ES016405 Ø
New Serodiagnostics for Isocyanate Exposure, A Major Cause of Occupational Asthma (Wisnewski, Adam) L2 Diagnostics, Llc New Haven, CT R41ES016728 Ø
Lessons Learned From Graniteville - Phase II (Held, Thomas) Metamedia Training International,, Inc. Germantown, MD R44ES014762 Ø
Novel Zeolite Photocatalyst for Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated Vocs (Mackay, Susan) Zeomatrix, Llc Orono, ME R43ES016499 Ø
Phototoxicity Screening Assay in Reconstituted Skin (Degeorge, George) Mb Research Laboratories,, Inc. Spiinerstown, PA R44ES011927 Ø
Portable Pesticide Monitor (Ragucci, Tony) Lynntech,, Inc. College Station, TX R43ES016397 Ø
Microchip - Based Perchlorate Analyzer for Water Remediation Monitoring and Field A (Willard, Dale) Advanced Microlabs, Llc Fort Collins, CO R43ES017200 Ø
Wearable Photoelectrocatalytic Personal Environmental Exposure Monitor (Leboeuf, Steven) Valencell,, Inc. Raleigh, NC R43ES016400 Ø
Predictive Genes Sets for Chemically - Induced Liver Cancer (Naughton, Brian) Regenemed,, Inc. San Diego, CA R44ES012618 Ø
Development of Enhanced Plants for Remediation of Cadmium and Lead (Lee, David) Edenspace Systems Corporation Chantilly, VA R43ES016482 Ø
Liquid Crystal - Based Sensor for Real - Time Detection of O3, CO and Co2 (Acharya, Bharat) Platypus Technologies, Llc Madison, WI R43ES016389 Ø
A New Nano Based Real - Time Mycotoxin Detector (Smilanich, Nicholas) Sensor Development Corporation Parma, OH R43ES013664 Ø
Validation of Organotypic Vaginal Tissue Based Assay for Endocrine Disruptors (Ayehunie, Seyoum) Mattek Corporation Ashland, MA R43ES015641 Ø
Novel Accelerated in Vitro Breeding for Phytoremediation (Czako, Mihaly) Southern Sun Biosystems,, Inc. Hodges, SC R42ES013417 Ø
Versatile Mutation Assay Based On the Pig - A Locus (Dertinger, Stephen) Litron Laboratories, Ltd. Rochester, NY R44ES015940 Ø
Development of A Selective Biosensor for Detecting Organophosphate Pesticide Expo (Nagy, Jon) Ateris Technologies, Llc Bozeman, MT R43ES016392 Ø
Validation of A Human Cd34+ Stem Cell Toxicity Bioassay (Recio, Leslie) Integrated Laboratory Systems,, Inc. Durham, NC R43ES016700 Ø

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