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2005 News Releases

22 Dec 2005: Air Pollution, High-Fat Diet Cause Atherosclerosis in Laboratory Mice
19 Dec 2005: Artificial Light at Night Stimulates Breast Cancer Growth in Laboratory Mice
07 Dec 2005: TLR4 Gene Found to Protect against Tumor Development
15 Nov 2005: A Meaty, Salty, Starchy Diet May Impact Chronic Lung Disease
01 Nov 2005: Lung Scarring Diseases Linked to Genes and Smoking
12 Oct 2005: New Study on Childhood Asthma Shows Home-Based Interventions Are Cost-Effective
04 Oct 2005: Independent Panel to Evaluate a Chemical Used in Some Plastics (Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate) for Hazards to Human Development or Reproduction
13 Sep 2005: NIEHS Awards $37 Million to Train Emergency and Hazardous Waste Workers
09 Sep 2005: NIEHS Launches Website with Geographic Information System for Assessing Environmental Hazards from Hurricane Katrina
07 Sep 2005: Bacteria in Household Dust May Trigger Asthma Symptoms
30 Aug 2005: Childhood Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke Has Long-Lasting Effects: Fruit Fiber May Help
04 Aug 2005: More Than Half of U.S. Population Sensitive to One or More Allergens
20 Jul 2005: New Discovery May Help Doctors Treat Infertility
21 Jun 2005: A Role for Public and Scientists in NIEHS Research Plan
01 Jun 2005: Day Care Settings are a Significant Source of Indoor Allergens
01 Jun 2005: NIEHS Brings Researchers and Leaders Together to Find Environmental Solutions to Childhood Obesity
31 May 2005: People with Diabetes More Sensitive to Cardiovascular Effects from Air Pollution
31 May 2005: Harmful Chemicals May Reprogram Gene Response to Estrogen
26 May 2005: NIEHS Press Conference for the Environmental Solutions to Obesity in America's Youth Conference
04 May 2005: NTP Roadmap for the Future, Celebration of 25 Years
28 Apr 2005: Use of Insecticides Linked to Lasting Neurological Problems for Farmers
21 Apr 2005: Standardized Microarrays May Bring Us One Step Closer to Personalized Medical Treatment
08 Mar 2005: Cockroach Allergens Have Greatest Impact on Childhood Asthma in Many U.S. Cities
15 Feb 2005: Mothers' Exposure to Air Pollutants Linked to Chromosome Damage in Babies
31 Jan 2005: List of Cancer-Causing Agents Grows Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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