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The NHLBI continues to look to the larger research community to develop the ideas and conduct the studies that advance our knowledge of heart, lung, and blood diseases and enable its application in ways that improve public health. The Strategic Plan will be realized through our investment in investigator-initiated research and, especially, through those innovative investigator-initiated research projects that entail a high risk but offer the promise of especially high returns. Institute investments guided by this plan will be directed largely toward programs that will either enable or complement investigator-initiated activities. The Institute continues to develop and explore effective ways to collaborate with other agencies of the Federal government; with other governmental agencies, both domestic and foreign; and with nongovernmental organizations, both public and private. Our success in implementing the plan will be evaluated on an ongoing basis by the institute with advice and guidance provided by the National Heart Lung and Blood Advisory Council.

As the Institute moves forward with its implementation activities, periodic updates will be provided below.

  • In September 2008, the Institute’s Division of Cardiovascular Diseases (DCVD) released a plan that will guide its efforts for the next 5 years. The DCVD plan will be regularly reviewed and revised to reflect changing needs and directions.
  • In October 2008, the Institute’s Office of Research Training and Minority Health (ORTMH) released the “NHLBI Strategic Plan Training and Career Development Workshop Summary.”   The summary highlights the recommendations from the July 30-31 workshop which focused on research training priorities and professional competencies needed for the future and proposed training and career development recommendations. 

Strategic Plan Materials
Bullet entry Strategic Plan (with graphics) PDF document
Bullet entry Strategic Plan (without graphics)PDF document
Bullet entry Summary Brochure (with graphics) PDF document
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Strategic Plan Process
Bullet entry Plan Preparation
Bullet entry Strategic Plan Timeline
Bullet entry Level One Final Reports
Bullet entry Level Two Overview
Bullet entry Level Three Public Comment Overview
Bullet entry Plan Dissemination
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