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2002 News Releases

11 Dec 2002: New Federal Report on Carcinogens Lists Estrogen Therapy, Ultraviolet, Wood Dust
04 Nov 2002: NIEHS' Olden Named to Receive Environmental-Public Health Award
30 Oct 2002: EMF Web Site, Q&A Booklet Updated to Include Latest about Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) and Human Health
28 Oct 2002: Pioneering Environmental Health Investigator James Huff Named to Receive Annual David P. Rall Award
19 Sep 2002: Tampa, Phoenix, St. Louis and Providence Initiate Recruitment of 50,000 Sisters and Women with Breast Cancer for Landmark Search for Its Causes
05 Sep 2002: Cat Exposure Can Protect from Asthma - But There's an Exception: It Increases Asthma Risk for Children of Asthmatic Mothers
29 Aug 2002: Molecular Mechanism Underlying Anthrax Infection Described by NIEHS-Funded Researchers
27 Aug 2002: Multiple Pets May Decrease Children's Allergy Risk
26 Aug 2002: NIEHS Announces $20 Million, Three-Center Effort to Pin-point Environmental Triggers of Parkinson's
23 Aug 2002: Public Health Report Stresses Worker Protection As Key Component of Homeland Security
25 Jul 2002: NIH Funds Botanical Center in Iowa to Study Health Effects of Echinacea and St. John's Wort
03 Jul 2002: Don't Turn to Assisted Reproduction Too Quickly Warns US Expert
08 May 2002: HHS Awards $10.5 Million for Training, Research to Address Health Concerns Related to World Trade Center Attacks
06 May 2002: Damaged DNA Synthesis Enzyme Shown to Cause Progressive Muscle Weakening
10 Mar 2002: Press Statement on Joint Research on Agent Orange/Dioxin
05 Mar 2002: Link Strengthened between Lung Cancer, Heart Deaths and Tiny Particles of Soot, Dust
11 Feb 2002: Federal Government Reports Progress in Using Fewer Animals, More Humane Tests for Product Safety Evaluations
06 Feb 2002: Joint Meeting on Agent Orange Set for March 3-6 in Hanoi
04 Feb 2002: Impact of Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity May Be Underestimated
31 Jan 2002: After Tuskegee: Communities of Color Address Ethical and Social Implications of Genetic Research
31 Jan 2002: Multi-Sports in Ozone May Raise Asthma Risk
25 Jan 2002: NIEHS' Dr. Paul Nettesheim Recipient of International Award
15 Jan 2002: North Carolina Women Sought for Clinical Study of Fibroids' Growth Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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