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2000 News Releases

08 Dec 2000: PBBs in Fire Retardant Associated with Early Menstruation in Michigan Girls Whose Mothers Were Exposed in 1973
05 Dec 2000: Wood Dust, Talc, Estrogens, and Nickel Alloys Among Substances Being Reviewed for Inclusion in Report on Carcinogens
17 Nov 2000: Study of Normal Women Demonstrates: There Are Few "Safe" Days in Menstrual Cycle
01 Nov 2000: Ecology of Infectious Diseases Grants Announced
20 Oct 2000: Study Shows Air Pollution Slows Lung Function Growth in Children
18 Oct 2000: Firefly Gene Lights Up to Detect Toxic Dioxin
12 Oct 2000: In Young Rhesus Monkeys Smog Shown to Set Up Lungs for Asthma
11 Oct 2000: Public and Scientific Comment Sought on Expert Panel Reports on the Possible Human Reproductive Effects of Seven Phthalates
18 Sep 2000: Nutrient in Cruciferous Vegetables Protects against Lung Cancer in Study of 18,244 Chinese; Benefit Depends on Genetic Factor
15 Sep 2000: Advisory Panel on Federal Report on Carcinogens Makes Recommendations to NIEHS/NTP for New Listings
01 Sep 2000: Study Demonstrates Exposure of People to Phthalates
07 Aug 2000: Environmental Health Institute Announces Meeting on Possible Studies of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam
01 Aug 2000: American Public Health Association Plans Rall Award for Science-Based Advocacy
01 Aug 2000: New Center to Look for Precise Step When a Cell Tips Toward Death, Disease
14 Jul 2000: Panel Expresses Concern about DEHP, a Plasticizer, As Used in Medical Devices for Ill Newborns
28 Jun 2000: In Test, Detroit Families with Asthmatic Children Get New Vacuum Cleaners, Mattress and Pillow Covers
26 Jun 2000: NIEHS Statement on Mapping the Genome
16 May 2000: Peer Review Set for NTP Studies May 18; Discussion May 24 on Recommendations for Animal Studies on DNA-Based Therapies, Herbs, Emissions from Cellular Phones
15 May 2000: Fact Sheet: The Report on Carcinogens - 9th Edition
09 May 2000: First National Survey Shows Americans' Bedding Can Make Them Sick; Allergens the Culprit
26 Apr 2000: Cancer-Protective Regimen Demonstrated, for First Time, to Prevent Tobacco Smoke-Related Lung Tumors -- in Mice
14 Apr 2000: Biomed and Biotech Careers Surveyed by Scientists
13 Apr 2000: Environmental Health Institute to Celebrate Earth Day with Open House April 20
07 Apr 2000: Links and Ideas for Earth Day, April 22, 2000
04 Apr 2000: First Awards Made in NIH Effort to Understand How Genes Affect People's Responses to Medicines
21 Mar 2000: EPA, OSHA and CPSC Accept Non-Animal System for Screening Chemicals - Skin Corrosiveness
29 Feb 2000: Environmental Health Institute to Use Gene Chips to Evaluate Chemicals for Potential Harm to Humans
07 Feb 2000: Dr. Raymond R. Suskind, Director Emeritus of the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and NIEHS Center Director (1969-1986) died Monday February 2, 2000
03 Jan 2000: Environmental Health Institutes' Centers to Breed Mice with Human-like Gene Variants That Modify Their Responses to Environmental Factors and the Repair of Damaged DNA Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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