The Association of Personality and Socioeconomic Status with Health Status —
An Interim Follow-up Study.


The study is entitled The Association of Personality and Socioeconomic Status with Health Status - An Interim Follow-up Study. More commonly known as Wave 2 (or Interim Study), it occurs between the participant’s first in-home interview and their next follow-up visit to the mobile medical examination vehicle.

Purpose of the Study:

One reason we are doing this follow-up study is to collect information about personality. Personality can be defined as emotions, thoughts, preferences, and behaviors unique to a person. We want to examine whether there is any connection between the conditions under which people are raised, health, and personality. Another reason we are doing this part of the study is to find out more about nutritional habits of participants. The nutritional part of the study will examine the effects of race and socioeconomic status on eating habits to identify nutritional factors that may contribute to health disparities and cognitive function. All of this will help us learn about the natural course of diseases. We are trying to understand why some Americans have higher rates of certain diseases and more severe diseases than other Americans. This research is being done so that we can discover better ways to prevent and treat disease.

The Wave 2 Interim Study has two parts:

The Wave 2 Interim Study is done in two parts by telephone interview. The participant may participate in the first and decline the second part, or decline both parts. The first part of the study takes no more than an hour. For the first part, we will complete a questionnaire on personality and significant illnesses. For the second part of Wave 2, participants will complete two dietary recall questionnaires by telephone interview. The dietary recall is similar to the one the participant did in the first HANDLS home visit. The amount of time is dependent on recalling what you had to eat and drink in the last 24 hours. Wave 2 is completely confidential and there are minimal risks. We can complete the study whenever it is convenient, and we pay for answering the questionnaires.

Points that apply to all who take part in our studies:

- Taking part in the study is entirely voluntary and refusal to participate will not affect any rights or benefits you normally have;
- You may or may not benefit form taking part in the study, but knowledge may be gained form your participation that may help others; and
- You may stop being in the study at any time without any penalty or losing any of the benefits you would have normally received.

Who cannot participate in this study?

You cannot be in this follow-up study if any of the following apply to you:
- You did not have a baseline visit for HANDLS
- You do not have a valid picture ID
- You are unable to give informed consent

How much will the participants be paid?

The amount paid for participation in both parts of Wave 2 will total $40. Participants will be paid $20 for participating in the first part, and an additional $20 for completing both nutritional interviews. Payment will be received in the form of an ATM debit card.