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Course Title:
Estimated Completion Time:
2009 Refresher Requirement Only
5 -10 Minutes
Entire Computer Security Awareness Course
30-60 Minutes
Securing Remote Computers
30-60 Minutes
Privacy Awareness Course
30-60 Minutes
FDCC Systems Administrator Training
5 - 10 Minutes
Important Information
  • These courses use pop-ups. Disable all pop-up blockers before proceeding.
  • If you wish to earn a certificate, you must complete each course in a single session, without closing your browser.
  • This course is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5.0 or above.
  • Some links within this program are accessible only to NIH users. Noted by this icon Site viewable through NIH secure connection only..
  • If you are short on time, turn the audio off and simply read each screen.


  • If you have technical problems with the course contact the NIH Help Desk at
  • For additional information about this training contact Captain Cheryl Seaman at
  • For additional information about the Privacy Awareness Course contact Karen Pla at