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Award Information

Up to $100,000 direct costs per year may be requested. Of that amount, up to $25,000 may be requested for research costs (including supplies, technical personnel, computational services, but not equipment), travel, tuition and fees related to the proposed research experience; a maximum of $2,000 per year may be allocated for travel. Salary and fringe benefits for the candidate should be consistent with the institution’s salary structure for surgeons at the assistant professor-level or at the equivalent staff position in a non-academic institution. No funds may be requested to supplement the salaries of the PI or a co-investigator, or to purchase equipment. Facilities and administrative costs may be requested at a level consistent with the current negotiated facilities and administrative costs rate agreement.

The earliest anticipated award date is December 1, 2008, although earlier awards are possible if Fiscal Year 2008 (FY08) funds become available late in FY08 (which ends on September 30, 2008). The NIDCD expects to make up to six new supplement awards (each two years in duration) during Fiscal Year 2009 (FY09), based on the quality of applications and the availability of funds, for an aggregate expenditure of up to $900k for FY09. There will be a limit of one supplemental awardee per parent grant and two active supplemental awardees per academic clinical department (whether or not the parent grant(s) is/are held by a faculty member in the home clinical department of the candidate) or non-academic research institution.

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