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  January 2009
Director's Column
OER’s Commitment to Effective Stewardship through Service and Transparency
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The effectiveness of NIH extramural stewardship is directly relevant to the improvement of public health. The Office of Extramural Research is at the core of promoting effective stewardship by working with the Institutes, Centers, and Offices to create, harmonize, and implement policies spanning the full spectrum of the grant making and monitoring process. In times of change, our responsibility is further heightened by the need for making OER services as responsive and transparent as possible.  (more...)

Top Stories
Working to Relieve Applicant Stress

NIH has extended the electronic application error correction window to 5 days for all opportunities with receipt dates in February 2009 to alleviate stress caused by performance issues.  (more...)

NIH Releases First Biennial Report of the Director

The biennial report of the director makes it easier for Congress, advocates and patient groups, and the general public to understand the many programs within the agency.  (more...)

NIH Projects, Funding Details Now Available for Public Viewing

For the first time, the public can use the information provided to view the total funds spent in 215 categories for the current fiscal year and previous fiscal years based on grants, contracts, and intramural research (research conducted in the NIH’s own laboratories and clinics).  (more...)

Worldwide Scientific Community Participates in NIH Summit on Eliminating Health Disparities; Results to be Provided to President Obama

Over 4,400 of the best and brightest scientists, clinicians, policy, and advocacy leaders in the field of health disparities attended the 4-day NIH Summit entitled “The Science of Eliminating Health Disparities.”  (more...)

How Early Stage Investigators Can Request an Extension

A recent notice in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts describes procedures for granting an extension of the 10 year limit for ESI eligibility.  (more...)

New Regulations Mandate Institutional Review Board Registration

The Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) has added regulations requiring Institutional Review Boards to register with HHS.  (more...)

Two Important Changes to Career Development (“K”) Awards

Awardees now able to reduce appointment to less than full time; “K” Awards to transition to Adobe Forms early next month.  (more...)

Get a Handle on Changes from the Enhancing Peer Review Process

There are lots of changes in the works related to the peer review process. Here we compare existing and new peer review processes on scoring.  (more...)

Tips for Great Grant Writing, Part 1: What is NIH Looking For?

The OER Extramural Nexus is pleased to introduce a new, regular feature: “Tips for Great Grant Writing.” Although we will begin by addressing the very basics of grant writing, stay tuned because we will soon advance to addressing more complex aspects of the grant writing process. This month’s inaugural column addresses the basic question: what does NIH look for in a grant application?  (more...)

New Resources
Animal Welfare Terms and Conditions Seminar Available for Viewing

New Animal Protocol Review FAQs

NIH Unveils New Reviewer Reimbursement System

2009 NIH Regional Seminars Offer Unparalleled Learning & Networking Opportunity

NOT-OD-09-044: Announcing a Delay in Transition to Electronic Submission of Applications for Individual National Research Service Awards (Fs) and Confirming Plans to Transition Individual Research Career Development Awards (Ks)
NOT-OD-09-043: Adobe-Based Grant Application Forms Now Available for All NIH Funding Opportunity Announcements Requiring Electronic Submission
NOT-OD-09-042: Delays in Grant Application Submission due to Winter Ice Storms January 2009
NOT-OD-09-038: NIH Policy Change on Threshold for Negotiation of Facilities and Administrative (F&A)/Indirect Costs for Phase II SBIR/STTR Grants
NOT-OD-09-037: Salary Limitation on Grants, Cooperative Agreements and Contracts Under the Current Continuing Resolution
NOT-OD-09-036: NIH Policy Concerning Career Development (K) Awards: Leave, Temporary Adjustments to Percent Effort, and Part-Time Institutional Appointments
NOT-OD-09-035: Guidance to IACUCs Regarding Use of Designated Member Review (DMR) for Animal Study Proposal Review Subsequent to Full Committee Review (FCR)
NOT-OD-09-033: The NIH Implements New Registration Process for Reviewer Reimbursement for Participation in NIH Peer Review Meetings

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