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Laser Microdissection

Cellular & Molecular Pathology Branch

Cut samples are extracted by cap touch isolation
The Molecular & Machines (MMI) Cell Cut® Instrument

In October of 1998, the Special Techniques Group in the Cellular and Molecular Pathology Branch (CMPB) obtained new laser microdissection technology -- developed at NIH – to facilitate the capture of specific cells for molecular analysis. Improved laser microscope technology has evolved and the NIEHS Laser Microdissection (LM) lab has kept current with new instrumentation. Projects using these instruments have included the microdissection of targeted cells and the development of molecular techniques to analyze DNA and RNA from a small sample size. Multiple projects have been completed and are presently underway utilizing the instrumentation and techniques developed in this lab. Study application determines which instrument and protocol are used. Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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