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Fact Sheet
Access to Audiovisual Materials

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has over 60,000 audiovisual programs in almost 40 formats. Programs cover biomedical subjects and are in English. Over 3,500 audiovisuals are of historical interest.

Lending Policy

Stock Images & Footage

Copying Materials

Access to Audiovisuals While Visiting the NLM

The Main Reading Room and the History of Medicine (HMD) Reading Room have equipment for viewing materials and programs.  You must request most of the audiovisuals and Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) programs from the Library's closed stacks (General Collection).  You can request the programs using the NLM online catalog, LocatorPlus at

You can:

Pick up General Collection materials at the Circulation Desk

For more information on motion picture films, formats produced before 1970, filmstrips, images, and selected programs of historical interest, contact HMD at  e-mail:


Last reviewed: 15 January 2008
Last updated: 15 January 2008
First published: 30 March 2005
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