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Using the NIH eRA Commons Demo

Use the training/demo facility to familiarize yourself with the NIH eRA Commons and practice creating sample institutions, accounts, and grant applications. The demo lets you run the major functions of the system in a training/demonstration mode that functions exactly like the production version, with the major exception that only sample data is altered.

Use the form on the Create a New Demo Account page to create a sample institution and user accounts. The creation of a Signing Official (SO) account is required and grant applications are assigned to the created institution. If you create a Principal Investigator (PI) account, a number of the created grant applications are assigned to the created PI account. Once the institution and initial accounts are assigned, use the training/demo mode to perform all functions on the sample data connected to these accounts (such as creating new accounts, submitting an eSNAP or FSR, reviewing application status, and affiliating other demo users to your demo institution).

  1. From the NIH eRA Commons home page, click the Enter Commons Demo hyperlink (in the About the Commons section located under the Login fields) to reopen the home page in demonstration mode. This mode looks almost identical to the actual home page.
  2. If you have already created a demo account, log in using the username and password you have created.
  3. If you haven't yet created a demo account:
    1. Click the Click here to create a new account hyperlink to open the Create a New Demo Account page.
    2. Enter new account information, noting the following:
      • All fields are required fields.
      • The User Name fields have a 6 character minimum and a 20 character maximum. These must be unique names.
      • Select one or more roles for the new demo accounts.

    3. Click Submit. A verification message displays the information you entered.
    4. Review the information and click Save to confirm the information and create the new demo account.
    5. A confirmation page lists your user name information and passwords. Copy the information and click Continue. You are returned to the NIH eRA Commons demonstration site to log in and begin your training/demo session.

    Note: The first time you log in with a new account you are required to change your password.

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