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Verifying NIH Support for New PI Accounts

  1. The email requesting verification of your NIH information provides a hyperlink to perform the verification. Click the hyperlink in this email to open the Verify NIH Support page (ASP0001 [[verify this]]) which displays your information as PI.
  2. Review the information on this page and verify the accuracy of the information for each section (Training, Committee Involvement, and Principal Investigator).
  3. In order to add additional grant information:
    1. Click Add Additional NIH Support to open the Search Grant page.
    2. Enter the grant number and click Search to find the desired grant.
    3. In the Action column of the result list, click the Add Grant hyperlink to return to the Verify NIH Support page updated with the selected information.

  4. If none of the information listed is correct, click Reject Account Request to inform your extramural administrator that the entire account listed for you is in error.
  5. Add any comments to the NIH in the Comments for NIH field.
  6. Click Complete Account Request to notify the NIH that you have validated your information. In approximately two business days you will receive a notification email indicating that your PI account has been created and containing your username and a randomly generated password.

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Verifying NIH Support for Existing PI Accounts

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